We just recently introduced you to this amazing brand, Combatant Gentlemen. They have just now launched their website and – how cool is this!!! – the price of the raw selvedge Japanese denim jeans is only $70.

About Combat Gent:

The two-year-old company already has amassed a customer base of more than 300,000.
The return rate on the 44,000 suits sold is four percent. ​The company has​ a proprietary online sizing algorithm called “FitTech”​ that predicts suit sizes with 98 percent accuracy​ and the team is constantly iterating it with new data (data-driven fit technology​.) Combatant Gentlemen developed a fitting-room mirror from ​a previous hackathon ​that ​has an embedded FaceTime module. The fitting room mirror (which CG calls the “Magic Mirror”) has an embedded Microsoft Kinect camera which enables customers to make video calls directly from the mirror, among other capabilities.

Background on the denim:

The line focuses on classic and timeless styles (slim and slim-straight) that can be worn at work and the bar – staying away from distressed denim and washes. The jeans run in 34” inseams, with waist sizes 28 to 40 and are available in indigo, black, grey for $70.

The cotton is raised in India, denim production and rope-dyeing is done at an 80 year-old mill in Northern Japan, and the jeans are crafted at established manufacturer facilities in Los Angeles.

How It’s Made

“We source the cotton ourselves from northern Japan, in an area renowned for its fresh water that produces exceptionally durable cotton. The raw cotton is then taken to a 70 year-old denim mill in southern Japan, where it’s woven on a vintage shuttle loom.
The final cut and sew is done at an assembly facility in Los Angeles.”

Distinct Characteristics

Denim first, branding second — muted embellishments, no garish stitching on the back pockets or overly-large patches, clean and sleek look


It isn’t — it’s all natural (rope dye — naturally dyed), no harsh chemicals used during finishing, no pre-shrinking chemicals, non-Sanforized.