Denimocracy jeans are the solution for you if you love your leggings, but need to dress up and prefer wearing some denim instead. The Denimocracy jeans are actually legging jeans, not jeggings. The difference is that they look exactly like jeans, but are super soft and feel like your most beloved leggings. And boy, are they ever cool – check them out in the video below!

Unlike other denim lines, Denimocracy is a premium denim line that offers a lot more than the normal denim. They are known for their amazing Anarchy knit denim as well as the quality and new technology of their denim. They have an innovative stretchy material to fit your body’s curves and are comfortable enough to wear on any occasion! They never sag or bag and will fit as if it was the first time you put them on. This collection offers everything perfect for fall.

Denimocracy jeans from their Spring/Summer collection can be purchased here. Fall/Winter will only be available in a few months.