Diesel pre Fall 2014 Ad Campaign


“We were looking at many of the great images, from fashion advertising to fine art, that have shaped our way of looking at things. We wanted to bring them together – pop Picasso-style! – through the use of the digital medium. In many ways it was looking at the ‘great group shots’ through history, from Michelangelo to Avedon. Now the Diesel Reboot is complete, this is the foundation of the new vision for Diesel. And with new beginnings there is always a certain looking back to look forward, here it appears as a sort of ‘Neo-neoclassicism’ in the campaign.” Nicola Formichetti, Artistic Director of Diesel

“There is a deliberate attempt to look at Italian art throughout the centuries, right back to the Renaissance. It was an idea to bring together great moments in visual culture that we liked. I think what is interesting, while referring to these great moments, is that Nicola is also bringing his ‘glitching’ community; that sense of something global and new. It’s the juxtaposition of the two, of the classical and digital that makes them both feel stronger.” Nick Knight, Diesel Campaign Photographer A-W 14-15

From Titian and Tiepolo to Avedon and Arbus, a wealth of visual images is remembered and reimagined by Nick Knight and Nicola Formichetti to complete Diesel’s latest advertising campaign. Marking the beginning of a new era for Diesel and featuring Formichetti’s foundational collection for the brand, the ‘Neo-neoclassic campaign’ is a pop amalgam of the classical, the digital and the real.

Following the Diesel Reboot, both the foundational collection and this campaign, in many ways, look back to look forward. Each has its visual roots in the city of Venice – and the Diesel show and event held there on 3rd April 2014 – but just like the city and Diesel itself, both the campaign and collection essentially encompass a view of the past and an innovative route to the future for the brand.

Stars such as Kiko Mizuhara sit easily beside net cast kids and musclemen. All are part of the new, democratically ‘glitched’, global community of Diesel.

Can’t really wait – I am dyyying of curiosity of how these clothes will be like!

But to make the wait easier, you can find some rad new Diesel denim already here!

Diesel pre Fall 2014 Ad Campaign