DL1961 Mason jeans in Beacon wash

DL1961 is a brand that is known for using technology to inspire and create a number of innovative fabrics. The ladies of Denimology have done a great job in highlighting how some of these new technologies have shaped (see what I did there?) the women’s denim world. When I had the chance to bring focus to the men’s denim side of DL1961, I was happy to jump on board. Despite all the different fabric variations available from DL1961, we’re going to start with one of their standard stretch denim fits, DL1961 Mason jeans in Beacon.

One of the first things I noticed when trying the DL1961 Mason jeans in Beacon was the extreme softness of the fabric and wash. I may have said this before but I really think these are now the softest pair of jeans in my closet. It is hard to believe that they are actually denim at all, but of course, this can be both a blessing and a curse. Much like other stretch denim in my wardrobe, the Mason fit from DL1961 is made with 98% cotton and 2% elastane. When it comes to fit, the DL1961 Mason jeans in Beacon are described as a “true slouchy slim jean”. There is a slight “slouch” to these jeans that can be seen primarily around the front. Aided by the generous stretch denim fabric, I could tell that there was a bit more room around my crotch compared with a typical skinny or slim jean. A small note, I wouldn’t get these confused for a “drop crotch” type fit at all, just one with slightly roomier at the top. When I tried the Mason fit on for the first time I thought the waist was a bit too loose in my normal size of 32” which cuased me to wonder if I should’ve went a size smaller. However, after washing them once, I was happy for staying true to my normal size. I think the smaller size would have been too tight around my thighs. Since the fabric does have a very soft hand, it would have conformed to closely to my body and shown things I wouldn’t want to show in public. I also decided to wash these jeans because I needed to get them hemmed in order to go for a cleaner type of look. The standard inseam on the DL1961 Mason jeans in Beacon is 34” and I usually go for a 32” length. Again, since the jeans are so soft, it doesn’t hold a roll so well over the course of a day. The rest of the fit down the legs was on the skinnier side of slim. Not full on skinny jeans but definitely more fitted than your standard slim jeans.

The Beacon wash itself was a great look. DL1961 took the time to develop this wash to have a worn in feel and look. What is great about the wash is that you can see some natural looking fading and distressing around the actual waistband. Most of the time this is one area that tends to be kept clean even on the most destroyed pairs, so it was a nice touch on the DL1961 Mason jeans in Beacon. The used brown leather patch on the back also kept with the distressed theme – slightly frayed at the edges, deep brown tanning and embossed DL1961 logo. All of this combines for a jean that would work best in the spring and summer months.

One downside to these jeans are the amount they tend to stretch out after a few short hours of wear. The DL1961 Mason jeans in Beacon seemed to lose the most shape around the butt and waist throughout the day. I started to really experience the “slouchy slim style” but I don’t think it was what DL1961 intended when describing the fit. What this means is that you probably have to wash the jeans after every wear or two. Coming from the raw denim world, I adopted a mindset of waiting a long time before the first wash so this was a bit of a shock.

Bottom Line: When choosing the DL1961 Mason jeans in Beacon, I was happy to stay true to size at a 32 waist. Just be prepared to lose some shape after one wear forcing you to wash these quite often. The very soft hand of these jeans also makes me lean toward thinking they would work best in the spring and summer months. They feel lighter in weight than they probably are but still might not protect against some of the cooler weather. The Beacon wash is natural and not overworked so you get a light and airy jean look for the brighter months. You can head on over to DL1961 and check out it out.

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DL1961 Mason jeans in Beacon wash

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  1. LOVE how you combined the two different denim’s in this look! The shoe really balances out the two shades perfectly!

    • Thank you so much for the comment. I really love trying different denim combinations and happy to hear this one works!

    • You are correct, these are not selvedge. Also with how soft the denim is on these jeans, it would be difficult to keep a roll or fold. So you are not missing much.

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