Emma Roberts in Levi's® Denim Shorts

Check it out here: Emma Roberts in Levi’s® Denim Shorts enjoying the beach in Maui. She went to spend some vacation time there with her fiance, Evan Peters.

OMG I am soooo envious, Emma! I so want to be at a beach right now, too. For a change, it is pouring here in NYC again. 🙁

It looks like Emma made her own cutoff jeans too! She posted a photo of them earlier in the week with scissors, captioning it, “So I guess I’m gonna need scissors to open the scissors….hmmm..” Too cute! Check out the image in the gallery below.

I think that Levi’s® are one of the most “cut off jeans/shorts” in the world. I can’t remember a time when someone I know, or even me, did not “refurbish” an old pair of Levi’s®! I always like to start cutting off mine right above the knee. Then, after they have become real frayed and destructed at the hem, I go and cut them off more, and so it goes until they have reached a perfectly natural stage of daisy dukes!

But if you prefer to get your own Levi’s® shorts ready made, without having to search for some scissors and inspiration first, then you can find them here.

Emma Roberts in Levi's® Denim Shorts

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