Emma Stone in Denim Overalls

Emma Stone in denim overalls was snapped as she was doing some shopping in New York City. She was accompanied by her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, who carried a few movie posters. We wonder which posters they bought!

Denim overalls are an absolute MUST have this summer season. Be they regular overalls or shortalls, they are adorable and easy to wear and look so cool.

Emma opted for a pair of bleached and loose fitting overalls which she rolled up at the ankles. She paired them with flat sandals and a sleeveless white shirt.

The fun thing about overalls is that there is no rule of how to wear them. They can be tight and sexy fitting. They can be shortalls to show off your tanned legs. Or they can be tight and hug your body. Whatever floats your boat.

You can buy some [email protected] overalls here.

Emma Stone in Denim Overalls

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