Introducing: Tu Es Mon Trésor

I am extremely excited to be introducing Tu Es Mon Trésor. We are talking here about a brand from Tokyo that has the most fun and different kinds of jeans.

I first got to know about them when I did a post about Rihanna wearing Tu Es Mon Trésor. Since I am a huge fan of anything denim that is not simply dark blue, but really different, I decided to go “web surfing”. And sure enough, I found a Tu Es Mon Trésor Facebook page and from then on, I was e-mailing with the brand and had them send me their amazing lookbook.

Tu Es Mon Trésor is an authentic Japanese brand, located in Tokyo.  The brand’s very helpful and awesome PR does not speak or write well in English, so I am quoting here what they tell us about their brand:

“Launched by Miki Aizawa and Aimi Fukumoto in 2010, the brand has been growing ever since and has become something like an insider cult brand. Miki and Aimi are not concerned about trends, they believe that only the things that we want for ourselves have value. Their feelings and situations are always corrupted by a design. For example, their new collection theme is “STRESS. It is their situation that was focused on.”

I tried to understand this completely, but honestly, I didn’t quite capture what they wanted to say. But it really doesn’t matter so much. What matters, is that their denim is hot, outrageous, brilliant and “out of the box”.

I really hope to be seeing a lot of this brand all over soon.

Meantime, they will be selling here in the US coming July at MODA OPERANDI, as well as at BROWNS in the UK. and RENAISSANCE and SKETCH in Belgium.

You can also order their jeans online here.

Introducing: Tu Es Mon Trésor
Introducing: Tu Es Mon Trésor

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