James Jeans - Twiggy The Dancer

We all know about the James’ Twiggy Jeans – these are the ones with the amazing back pockets that give your butt a super lift! For those of you who do not know about the Twiggy jeans, you can read a review of them later today here @ Denimology.

Now, James has come out with a next-level Twiggy:

James Jeans is thrilled to bring you the next breakthrough in second- skin fit, The Twiggy Dancer is as seamless and durable as a yoga pant, while utilizing the latest innovations in denim fabrication and construction. We called upon one of the world’s leading denim mills to create a hybrid between our best-selling denim and our favorite yoga pants. The fiber construction alone resulted in an incredibly flexible, very durable base denim.

The very Last step of construction is the addition of a special finish, giving this appropriately nicknamed “yegging” denim two essential features: antimicrobial properties keeping the twiggy dancer fresh between laundering and inhibiting odor-causing bacteria and fungus, and advanced moisture-wicking technology, pulling moisture and perspiration away from the skin towards the surface to evaporate properly.

Derived from her love of dance, yoga and fitness Seun wanted to create a super-skinny that could take her from work straight to the gym. Seun took her best-selling James Twiggy patterns back to the drafting table for what ended up being a full re-design. The removal of all outer seams gives the twiggy dancer an ultra-aerodynamic look, increases flexibility, and visually slims the leg from thigh to ankle.

The Twiggy Dancer legging is the denim cross-over to yoga-wear the world has been waiting for, transitioning you seamlessly from work to warrior pose.

You can purchase the James Dancer jeans here.

James Jeans - Twiggy The Dancer
James Jeans - Twiggy The Dancer
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