Kill City Hi Wire Skinny in Shadow Wash Review  - Front View

Hey all, Lana here! I’m definitely not stranger to punk or rock-inspired apparel…that was basically me, back in high school! I had the band, I listened to metal, and I dressed the part. Unfortunately back then, I was limited to second-hand stores and an out-of-town Hot Topic I was only lucky enough to visit once. Today, my sense of style is vastly different, although the spirit slightly remains. I love rock n’ roll inspired fashion, because I feel it’s timeless, and works with any season…and it gives me that edge when I feel like it! One of my favorite brands that captures this rebel feel is Kill City, for their wide variety of unique jeans and apparel that give you that “I’m with the band” feel or make you want to start a band yourself. Today I’m excited to bring you a Kill City Hi Wire Skinny in Shadow Wash review!

Kill City is rooted and manufactured in Los Angeles and inspired by punk and alternative music and the sub-cultures within them. The brand states, “Stemming from New Wave Punk to Indie and contemporary music genres like Acid Folk and Post-Rock, Kill City provides clothing that supports these lifestyles. Consequently, Kill City has become synonymous with fashion forward designs adding a contemporary twist. Our philosophy is to produce intricately made fashionable pieces with distinctive silhouettes and vibrant colors that reflect today’s evolving interests and cultural influences—all while maintaining an affordable price point for the fashion savvy consumer.” Rock on. I have one other pair of Kill City jeans I got off Hautelook awhile back…a pretty dark grey jean with an ombre wash that lightens up towards the ankles. I wore them when out on DJ gigs! They were a size 27, and a little loose, so when I got the opportunity to review the Hi Wire Skinny I went with my current size of 26. I chose the Shadow Wash because I have black skinny jeans, and light grey, but nothing charcoal-like, so I thought it would be fun to review something different. When I received these in the mail, the color was just like it shows on the website. As mentioned, they are a dark charcoal grey, but with a fade and whiskering. I love the look!

Kill City Hi Wire Skinny in Shadow Wash Review  - Side View

When I tried these on, the legs were fitted but not too tight, and stretched out just right to fit. At 98% cotton and 2% spandex and 10.25oz, they are sturdy but just stretchy enough to fit right. They have a high 10” rise which I felt comfortable, but I felt the waist was a bit loose still. Going to a size 25 would be too tight so I stuck with the 26, but used a skinny belt with them so they fit tighter without bulk. Around the hips though, they fit just fine. This might be because I have a smaller waist in proportion to my rounder hips. Without a belt, they fit, but I still have to pull them up throughout the day. I think if the waistband was just an inch tighter, they’d be just about perfect! But it’s not a huge deal at all, I really like the look and feel of these so I’ve worn them several times already, the belt is small enough and I only needed them slightly tighter so it’s not uncomfortable, and the good thing is they have not stretched out at all. I think this just might be a curvy girl thing, and the wider waistband might fit svelte figures a little better. The inseam is 32” which is one inch shorter than I prefer my bootcuts, so these hit down at the bottom of my foot which I like for a rock n’ roll style because the scrunched look at the ankle looks really cool with some Doc Martens laced halfway up or tall black heels, in my opinion! I think cropped skinnies give a more glam appearance than punk.

As far as styling, these really could go with just about anything. I don’t think I’d wear them to dress up, but I’d definitely wear them out at night with a hot-to-trot black lace corset top (yup, I’ve got one of those and it looks sweet with these!) and some tall black boots, or even during the day to work with a toned-down button up shirt and colored heels. They are pretty versatile and I look forward to trying other outfit combos with them. All in all these are some pretty cool jeans, and they bring me back to my high school punky days every time I wear them. I’d recommend Kill City and all their amazing pieces…seriously, I covet it all.

You can purchase these jeans right here!