Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie Organic Dry Selvage denim

Time to get back to Nudie Jeans. My first review was on the Nudie Jeans Grim Tim so after about three years and one repair later, I was thrilled to dive into a new pair from the brand. In order to find my next Nudie denim project, I spoke to the Regional Sales Manager, Axel, and discussed what pair truly captured the essence of Nudie Jeans. After looking at many fits and washes, we finally agreed on a pair that represents the heart and soul of Nudie Jeans, the Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie Organic Dry Selvage jeans.

The Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie jeans is a new fit recently introduced by the brand. I would estimate that this will quickly move up the ladder to become one of their best selling fits. My overall impression of the fit is more like a crossover between the straight leg, tapered and slim styles. So they pretty much have everyone covered. In order to properly discuss this fit, I will try to break down the review to three areas; above, at and below the knees.

Above the knee – I tried on both a 31 and 32 inch waist. Since this is a raw pair of denim, and there will be a bit of stretching over time, I decided to go with the size 31 just as with my previous Grim Tim fit. Despite not having a stretch fabric, the waist of the Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie jeans fit more comfortably at the start than I remember from the Grim Tim pair. Nudie says that the Steady Eddie has a regular rise, which in reality means a mid rise, that is still low enough to look good if you want to tuck in a shirt. One aspect of the fit that wasn’t immediately comfortable is the crotch. At the start, the fit is a bit snug right in between the legs, especially with the stiffer Organic Dry wash. The fabric tended to bunch just slightly in between my legs resulting in the need for a slight “self adjustment” a few times throughout the day (guys will know what I mean here). All part of the breaking in process for most raw denim I guess. One design detail that I really like with most of Nudie’s jeans is the length and position of the back pockets. They have a real life functional depth. Deep enough to hold a small field notebook but not too deep forcing you to dig for your wallet. Then there is the actual position of the back pockets. By having a longer yolk and extending the pockets beyond the bottom of your butt, Nudie creates an unmistakable image. A look that completely changes from uptight stiff to low-slung cool giving the illusion of casualness without dropping the actual waist down. It is this type of detail that brings any pair of Nudie Jeans to the forefront of a cool and effortless style.

At the knee – Due to the straighter cut of the Steady Eddie fit, you are left with a little more room around the knee to stretch and move. Still on the slimmer side of things, I didn’t have any problem bending, sitting or walking even on the first day of wear. They tend to stretch out a bit around the knee as you wear them but then again this just adds to the evolution of the dry denim.

Below the knee – This is where the Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie jeans separate themselves from the other slimmer fits. Nudie was able to do this magical thing where I got the room and feel of a straight leg jean but the look of a slim straight fit. In most “straight leg cuts” if I try to roll up the bottom I get this weird look like the jeans are floating above my shoes. However, with the Steady Eddie, it’s cut a bit slimmer (or tapered slightly), so with a small cuff I can maintain the slim fit I love and still showcase the orange selvage detail which has become a key identifier of Nudie Jeans.

Now I couldn’t end this review without addressing the Organic Dry “wash”. Remarkably, the denim used to make the Organic Dry selvage is the same as the original material used to make Nudie jeans when the brand first started. It is a quality 13.5 ounce Japanese denim so you don’t have to worry about being gentle as you break these bad boys in for the first 6 months – or longer if you can make it. I already mentioned it earlier, but you also have the signature orange selvage details and threading throughout the Steady Eddie. The back pockets have the orange swirl, the orange selvage stripe on the coin pocket and the selvage seam along the leg. All of these marks make it extremely easy to identify Nudie Jeans from any distance. Combined with 100% organic cotton, you know that your purchase is benefiting more than just your closet.

Bottom Line: Overall, the Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie Organic Dry Selvage jeans are a great and welcome addition to the brand’s already extensive line. I didn’t think I would say it very often, but this is a fit that will make me think about leaving my skinny jeans in the closet. Go with a size smaller to counteract all the natural stretching that will occur with the Organic dry denim. Keep in mind, as with all their raw denim, Nudie Jeans wants you to wear these jeans for at least six months without a wash, so you will be thankful for the smaller size. Due to the heavier weight, 13.5 ounce, it will take a little longer to break these jeans in so you better hurry and start your journey now. Head on over to Nudie Jeans to get started.

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Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie Organic Dry Selvage denim

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