Red Engine Scorcher in Moonlight Review - Front Angle View

Hello, Lana here with more from Red Engine! As denim lovers, we hear a lot of claims about the softest jeans, the best-fitting jeans, the most flattering jeans, and so on…and while a lot more of the claims are true nowadays with all of the amazing denim technology there is out there, I seem to keep discovering softer, and softer, and softer jeans! Red Engine has been an incredible brand to try out, because they truly are some of the softest I’ve ever tried on. However, nothing truly prepared me for the real ability for this brand to break barriers of the silky kind before I experienced a seriously impressive version of their Scorcher skinny jean. So read on and take this one as a real treat…here is a Red Engine Scorcher in Moonlight review!

As mentioned in my past review for the Red Engine Vamp jean, I first learned about the brand at a local boutique I used to design print collateral for, and they’ve been on my radar ever since. I was excited to finally try them out for myself! The brand was created by denim fans Jim Boldes and Kristy Harlan, and is based on the appeal, both in look and in feel, of vintage denim. They are another on the list of denim brands proudly made in the USA, specifically Los Angeles. Red Engine imports quality fabrics from Japan and Europe, and every pair is built and detailed by hand. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this brand, and after these few reviews, I can attest that those rants and raves were well-founded.

Red Engine Scorcher in Moonlight Review - Back Angle View

Red Engine sent me three pairs for review: The Vamp High Rise Skinny Crop Zip Jean in Cashmere, the subject for this review: the super silky Scorcher Super Skinny Skinny in Moonlight, and the Scorcher in Sugar. The Scorcher in Sugar is a stretchy twill style and was sent after a previously-sent pair, the Scorcher in a light destroyed wash with a thicker, mostly cotton blend, stretched out about a whole size! I received my usual size 26 in all of them, except for the Scorcher in Moonlight in which I got a 25 due to availability. The high-rise Vamp was a perfect fit and kept its shape over several wears, while the destroyed Scorcher stretched out a lot (could have taken a 25), and the Scorcher in Moonlight was stretchy and soft enough to fit perfectly. The Sugar in 26 was a good fit! As usual, fit depended on fabric content/thickness and amount of stretch! Stay tuned for my individual reviews for each of these jeans. I am really glad there was a size 25 for these jeans, the Scorcher in Moonlight, because they are so soft and stretchy and just expanded ever so slightly…just enough to mold to a great fit.

I was told about the buttery softness of these jeans before they were sent, so I was really looking forward to checking them out. When I first opened the box, I initially squealed at how BEAUTIFUL the wash is, but combined with how incredibly soft these are, I knew I had the real deal in front of me. Since I knew I had to go with a smaller size due to the sample only being available in a 25, I just crossed my mental fingers real hard that they’d fit…and they did! The silkiness of these jeans made them slide right on, and although they’ve stretched out a tiny bit, they have kept their shape over many wears. As for the mentioned wash, it’s a gorgeous vibrant blue with attractive fading and whiskering, and I really like the contrast orange stitching, both overall and in the trademark Red Engine squiggly embroidery on the back pockets. I had my doubts that these were even denim, because they feel like they are leggings actually made of silk, but they are a nice light 52% cotton, 45% Lyocell, 4% Polyester and 2% Elastane. I know I have other jeans with very similar blends and they don’t feel even close to these luxuriously soft babies! The only downside to this fabric is that they can snag easily, like tights…on my first night out with these I snagged a ring on my right leg, and my boot snagged a thread in the back of my calf, but fortunately they weren’t so bad that they stuck out like a sore thumb. These jeans are stretchy enough that I was able to kind of work the threads back into place, but I gotta be careful with sharp or snaggy items around these! Needless to say I’ll be more careful with jewelry around them…and may not wear anything that overlaps them, like tall boots, anymore!

The Red Engine Scorcher in Moonlight has a nice mid-rise—I’d guess about 8.5”, according to other websites (Red Engine doesn’t list it on their own site), which fits well over my curvier shape without needing a belt or constant adjustments throughout the day, and they have a 30” ankle-length inseam, which I think works out great because these are a nice lightweight jean for summer, which is always a good season for ankle-length skinnies to show of pedicures! As mentioned above, they stretched out a little bit and it’s funny because they are so crazy soft that they don’t feel very tight, but when I look at them in a mirror I can tell they are still snug! Speaking of appearance, these are so beautiful that I am always inclined to dress them up, but as I mentioned they are a great, lightweight summer jean so I keep them casual as well. They can be styled with anything (just nothing that could snag them)! I cannot keep my eyes off of these…they are so pretty—eye catching but simple, and oh, oh so soft.

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