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Roy Roger’s 529 Slim Fit Jeans Review

Roy Roger’s 529 Slim Fit Jeans Review
Roy Roger's 529 Slim Fit denim Meneo wash

If you give Denimology a quick search, you will see fair number of stories on Roy Roger’s denim. The most interesting fact that I uncovered was how the brand recognizes that you can get high quality premium denim from many different places. Whether from the US, Japan or Europe, Roy Roger’s has one mission; get the best denim in the world. In order to see how the brand holds up, I tried out Roy Roger’s 529 Slim Fit jeans.

One of the greatest aspects of the Roy Roger’s 529 Slim Fit jeans I received was in the Meneo wash. The Meneo wash really highlighted what had set the brand apart and confirmed why it has been so popular over the past 60ish years. If you are familiar with a little bit of history around the birth and evolution of denim, you may know that Italy was (and still is) renowned for the quality and authenticity around their denim washing techniques.  Looking at this pair of jeans from Roy Roger’s and I understood why.

After reviewing quite a few pairs of raw denim recently, I was quickly drawn to this pre washed broken-in pair. I was mesmerized by how each and every abrasion seemed carefully constructed by hand. How the fading on the thighs looked like a pair that had really been worn for years. It made me step back and hope that any of my ongoing raw denim projects can fade and tear as artfully as the Roy Roger’s 529 Slim Fit jeans Meneo wash. No detail was spared, the pockets show fraying at all the right spots, the repaired pocket holes seemed to line up perfectly with the button on my phone case and even the other pocket, which usually holds my keys, had a slight “repair” matching how my keys would slowly scrape away and break through. In my opinion, it is really hard to show natural fading on any pair of jeans. It seems many brands take it too far and have too much of a heavy hand when it comes to creating a wash, but Roy Roger’s takes them all to school.

Ok, I probably have spent too much time now on the wash when we should be discussing the fit. It should be no surprise that the Roy Roger’s 529 Slim Fit jeans have a slimmer fit than a standard straight leg cut. However, I would place them in more of a Slim Staight category than a Slim Tapered one. Although the 529 denim do have 2% elastine, you wouldn’t be able to tell simply by the feel. I am not sure of the actual fabric weight, but it has the feel of a solid 11-12 ounce non-stretch fabric. The mid-rise sits a touch higher than your standard low rise, so they fit nicely on the hips without the worry of having to pull them up throughout the day. I felt just as comfortable tucking in a shirt as I did keeping one untucked. The overall fit on the legs is comfortable but still slim enough to stay modern and stylish. The 529 fit also did a great job of holding it’s shape throughout multiple days of wear. A point that is not to be overlooked since they gave a nice shape to what little butt I actually have. The jeans seem to hug my legs and butt without feeling or looking tight, an illusion I am still finding hard to believe. I went with my normal size 32 waist and I wouldn’t change a thing. However, as with most of the jeans in the market, there was a standard inseam probably closer to 34” which means it was time to get my roll on. If the rolled-up cuff style ever falls horribly out of fashion, I won’t be very happy….although my tailor will. Despite the longer length, the legs are slim enough that you can pull off the rolled cuff. Roy Roger’s even has great red stitches that adds some extra flare to the cuff, although they are not cleanly finished like selvage jeans. The slim style combined with the soft hand of the denim, results in a pair of jeans that can be worn at any time to any place.

There was one small detail on these jeans that I felt was a bit overdone. At the bottom of the back pocket, right where the back stitches meet, Roy Roger’s placed a laminated triangle shaped logo in black. The logo definitely seems to be a signature detail for all Roy Roger’s jeans but it feels like a bit of an afterthought. The plastic feel of the logo combined with the placement just doesn’t seem to gel with the other premium aspects of the 529, especially when there are two other higher quality patches on the same pair. The simple cloth logo on the coin pocket is a nice unique surprise and the intricate back leather patch is one of the best I have seen. So I was a bit disappointed with the addition of a third logo of a much lower quality located on a place that is typically not hidden by a shirt of jacket.

Bottom line: Roy Roger’s 529 Slim Fit jeans are a welcome addition in my closet dominated by darker raw pairs. The Meneo wash has an impressive amount of authentic wear details that come from years of experience and a light controlled touch. Stick to your true waist size and be prepared that a roll or alteration may be necessary on the inseam. To find the Roy Roger’s 529 fit in your preferred wash, just click here.

The Italians are still proving that they are unmatched when it comes to washes.

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Roy Roger's 529 Slim Fit denim Meneo wash

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