Tiger of Sweden Sharp jeans in Darkened

Tiger of Sweden has always prided itself on the idea of taking the suit from the board room to the street. This idea of style evolution is prevalent throughout every aspect of the brand. Because of the “clothing line” origins, Tiger as created a jean that works with any piece in a person’s wardrobe. From a tee shirt to suit jacket, the Tiger of Sweden Sharp jeans will keep you looking well….sharp. The jeans are described as a “regular to low-rise men’s jean with a tight, slim leg in an 11-ounce stretch denim”. In reality, I would describe the overall fit as a low-rise skinny jean. Unlike the previous black stretch jeans I have reviewed, the Tiger of Sweden Sharp jeans in Darkened fit closer to my body and tighter around my butt and front. To me, this means that the Sharp is more of a skinny than a slim fit. Tighter around the thighs than the calves (or below the knee) but still slim enough at the bottom to hit the top of your shoes perfectly. When it comes to all things Tiger of Sweden, the silhouette seems to be very important and this is no different with the Tiger Jeans line. Every angle is carefully thought out and constructed to keep with the clean slim lines and minimalist style.

Describing jeans as “tight” can sometimes be viewed as negative and I don’t think it captures the true fit of these jeans anyway. They are skinny and fitted but not like spandex or jeggings so don’t let that adjective fool you. In my opinion, a dark black jean should be very fitted so the option of dressing it up and still looking professional and respectable is always there. The Tiger of Sweden Sharp jeans could definitely be dressed “down” with Converse and a tee or sweater but look best paired with tailored shirt and blazer. As a result of the stretch denim, you can easily slip your hands in any of the 5 pockets no matter if you are sitting down or standing up. It is a pretty forgiving stretch denim. The Darkened wash itself is deep black with a nice slight sheen. Nothing easily noticeable but enough to keep it from looking like a flat black pair of jeans.

The lighter 11 ounce fabric means that they are comfortable to wear in warmer climate but still could work in cooler temperatures. Despite the 11 ounce stretch fabric, the Sharp jeans are not overly soft so they still feel strong and durable. Another nice touch is the black stitching which hides throughout the fabric, pockets and even the leather waistband patch. This helps to create the clean look that allows for a more upscale vibe. One last detail I really appreciate on the Tiger of Sweden Sharp jeans is that you get to choose the inseam length instead of having the“one size fits all” type of deal. When so many other brands have standard inseams, Tiger of Sweden seems to keep their “made to measure” thinking in fitting the jeans to your body.

Overall, I love the Tiger of Sweden Sharp jeans in Blackened as a great dressed up denim alternative to my suits. I would have liked for the stretch to be a bit stronger so they hold their shape a little more around the knees for a bit longer. The pictures in this review were taken after about three days of use, and you may be able to tell how they stretch out around the knees. However, I don’t think this will be any cause for concern since they jump right back to normal after a wash and ready for a few more days.

Bottom Line: If you are a lover of sim cuts suits and want a jean that will fit just as nicely, the Tiger of Sweden Sharp jeans in Darkened are right for you. You can easily switch these with your dress trousers and no one will think twice. This is a skinny fit stretch jean that gives you a great slim profile. There is also no reason to size down because your normal size will fit perfectly, I went with a 32 waist and 32 inseam. Check out Tiger of Sweden for stocklists nearest you or pick up a pair online.

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Tiger of Sweden Sharp jeans in Darkened

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  1. Style evolution and eliminating class distinction is definitely a great step by the fashion industry. Your pictures reveal how beautifully casual wear can look both stylish vibrant.Thanks for sharing the lovely blog post as well as the pictures with the readers. I am thoroughly impressed. Hope to read your next post.

    • Hitesh – I am flattered by your message, thank you very much. I hope to continue providing outfits and reviews that you will enjoy reading. We are in a great period where showcasing your individual style is more exciting than ever before and I look forward to seeing everyone take advantage of the opportunity.

  2. Great post. Lost of detail which I love. Shame I ordered these jeans online and my thighs are having a bit of an issues fitting!!

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