Topshop MOTO Leigh Jeans in Bleach Stone Review  - Front Angle View

I remember being in London in 2006 and seeing Topshop stores throughtout my 6-week stay in the UK. Shopping was so fun in that city! It seemed like there was such a wider variety of fun styles and looks…granted I never really actually entered a Topshop store, since it was cheaper to shop at H&M at the time (thanks, exchange rate), but I’ve always had the brand on my mind as a unique yet basic contemporary shop for those who are just looking for something different. When I was given the opportunity to review Topshop jeans, I was excited to finally check out this brand a little bit more close and personal. Since the summer months are approaching, I singled out a pretty bleached pair, and now I’m bringing you a Topshop MOTO Leigh Jeans in Bleach Stone review!

Topshop actually has been around a lot longer than most brands I’ve reviewed. The company began in 1964 in the basement of a department store, and today they have over 300 stores in the UK, but they are known and loved worldwide! Their flagship store is in London’s Oxford Circus area which, according to the brand, “is a mecca for cool girls, whether they’re holidaying in London or living in the capital.” Topshop has created strong bonds and partnerships with leaders in the fashion industry including NEWGEN in 2002, which allows them to nurture new designers and provide support for their global growth. The brand says, “We’re also the only high street brand to show on schedule at London Fashion Week, and Topshop Unique has become the style set’s hottest ticket.” Pretty impressive considering their humble beginnings in a department store basement! Topshop has famously collaborated with Kate Moss as well as Christopher Kane in numerous fashion campaigns, and they sponsor various charities including Centrepoint, which assists the young and homeless with accommodations, support and education through sales of special charm bracelets.

Topshop MOTO Leigh Jeans in Bleach Stone Review  - Back Angle View

As mentioned, I chose a pretty bleached-out, off-white super light blue pair of the MOTO Leigh Jeans for review. I took my usual size of 26. These jeans are incredibly SOFT! I even questioned whether or not they were actually denim. They kind of feel more like leggings. At 91% cotton, 8% polyester, 1% elastane, they have a perfect blend of comfort and stretch, and are fairly lightweight so along with the color, they are a great jean for summer. They are labeled as “ankle grazers”, but come in your choice of a 30”, 32” or 34” inseam. I was sent a 32” inseam, which is an inch shorter than I prefer bootcuts to be at my 5’5.5” height, but for skinny jeans it’s a great length (skinny jeans are more flexible in terms of length anyway). They scrunch up a little at my ankle but I like that look…however in the warmer weather we’ve been getting here in California, I folded them up into crops, which was really easy to do with these considering how soft and stretchy they are, and I love the look that way. Speaking of the stretch, they did stretch out a bit, and became looser, but they didn’t become baggy. They just give more, and it’s strange sometimes because they are so soft that sometimes it seems like they are bigger than they really are! I don’t think they stretched out enough to warrant going down a size. I don’t need a belt with them either. The rise isn’t listed on the site but appears to be maybe a nice comfortable 7.5”. The waistband is just tight enough to sit on my hips, which are wider than my waist. The pockets are a little small, but not so small that they are unflattering on my rear. I find them cute. I also like how neutral these are in terms of detailing, because I think the pretty bleached wash speaks for itself. There are no embellishments or visible logos, except for the super tiny “Topshop” engraving on the small and flat rivets, that you really need to squint to see!

I really like the faint blue appearance of these jeans. Because it’s so faint, they are neutral enough to wear with just about anything. I feel I can dress these up or down! With tall black boots they are nightclub ready, with some cute pumps they are work-ready, and rolled up into cuffs paired with flip flops they are beach/summer ready (and are light and breathable enough for it too!). I’m usually afraid of jeans that are so light but I noticed there’s also something about this fabric that makes it easy to brush off any dirt that hits it. At only $65, the Topshop MOTO Leigh Jeans in Bleach Stone are a great value, and I’d suggest them to everyone looking for a light, comfortable summer jean that will leave enough in their wallets for all the fun events that summer brings along each year.

Grab these beauties from Topshop right here!

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  1. We adore the bleach-tone denim! We have a fantastic pair by Guess that has great zipper detailing! Very versitile and easy to pair with! We wear ours with either a vintage band raglan or bright colored top!

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