I wonder what’s up with all the furor about the “ballet jeans”. First it was DL1961, a couple of years ago, and just recently it was James jeans, and now we see these in the AG version.

Do we have a new trend here? My question is, what is the difference between just any super soft and comfy jegging and the AG Contour360 jeans? And how come die hard AG, famous for their bad boy/bad girl destructed and destroyed jeans in their aged washes, are now becoming girlie like and all feminine??

Here is what AG tells us:

Contemporary lifestyle and premium denim brand AG is thrilled to announce the release of a unique short film created to showcase the extraordinary movement and flexibility of the new Contour360 denim.

Directed by Jason Miller and choreographed by Jos McKain, professional dancers Laura Hand and Samantha Miller demonstrate Contour360’s performance capabilities through a beautiful expression of modern ballet. Downtown Los Angeles’ iconic Palace Theater provides a stunning urban background for the BOLD Films-produced video, which features the uplifting single ‘House’ by Kindness.

“We wanted to tell the story of Contour360 in a more creative and artistic way, instead of just speaking to the technical specifications,” says AG Creative Director Samuel Ku. “This video both captures the sleek and sophisticated look of Contour360 denim, and the incredible range of motion of the fabric through the artof dance.”

Both dancers are wearing Contour360 jeans in the Farrah Skinny in Crater and the Wren Muscle Tee
and Wren Tank throughout the film.


  1. Also- Marc Allison Jeans has been out for the last 4 years with X-fit AND Supima Cotton….the flexibility, recovery along with so soft comfort!

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