Amsterdams Blauw by Maison Scotch F/W 2014

The Amsterdams Blauw by Maison Scotch F/W 2014 collection is the women’s part of Scotch & Soda. We will be showing the men’s lookbook here soon, as well.

About these Fall/Winter 2014 looks:

“This season we celebrate all the cool features of an endless summer through the eyes of our indigo girl. We were inspired by the idea of 48 hours in the life of this season’s Maison denim muse: the jet setting, city dwelling, and creative architect. Passionate, genuine, glamorous and charming, she balances her busy life with the calm of nature and a healthy lifestyle. Our story begins in “the architect’s studio,” where she spends her days working hard. She celebrates a hard week with “Friday night all right” and ends the week with the relaxed and cozy “weekend blues” where she chills out and touches base with nature. With a week inspired by indigo, our Maison girl’s blue soul is certain to be satisfied inside and out.

THe ArcHiTecT’s sTudio
With the first part of this season’s mood we celebrate our Maison muse in her natural habitat. Our architect girl is a design connoisseur with a technical brain. This comes through in statement looks such as the Parisienne “natural geometry” teamed with a denim dress shirt tucked under the blauw indigo sweat. The look is thrown together but is detailed and precise. For instance, the “l’adorable” new boyfriend fit in the “half life repair” wash, styled up with a knitted jacket with denim trucker details and high heels. Mix in the clean tailored chino, or faded hues such as the Parisienne zip in “burnt sienna” worn with a vintage stripe silk shirt. Double denim teamed with a sharp wool pea-coat allows our girl to be true to her artisan herself.

FridAy nigHT All rigHT
Our denim girl isn’t a one trick pony. After an overloaded week, she lets her hair down, takes on the energy of the city and flirts with her rock and roll side. Attending a friend’s gallery opening, the look is unique but considered with a finite eye on the detail. An oversized shirt with the “marble black” Petit ami embellished with studded brogues and on point jewels. Painting the town black, the key look is the “Jean genie” pencil skirt with the black stretch trucker jacket and a striped rocker tee with knock out boots. Surface textures, hand touches and techniques are important with this story. Check out the velvet bomber with placement embroidery or the over-dyed biker with Sherpa and leather combined with the “geo jacquard” jogger. The perfect way to take our architect girl deep into the night!

Weekend blues
And so we cut to Saturday morning, with a fresh blue bite to the winter air, our muse takes in the pleasure of having nothing to do. Here it’s all about nostalgic wardrobe favorites that last a lifetime, such as the ripped and repaired Parisienne “hell’s kitchen” with a worn and reborn trucker jacket and Home Alone double hooded sweat. Dusty colors are key, and geometric patterns resurface in soft knits. Our Amsterdams Blauw girl takes a sentimental stroll down to the market in her chunky oversized leopard cardigan with a Petit ami short and polka dot indigo dress shirt. Back home, there are piles of denim tumbling out of the wardrobe, but not to worry, there’s always tomorrow!”

Amsterdams Blauw by Maison Scotch F/W 2014
Amsterdams Blauw by Maison Scotch F/W 2014

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