Beija Flor Summer 2014 Lookbook

The Beija Flor Summer 2014 Lookbook is all about memory stretch jeans. These are jeans that kind of “remember your body” and therefore will never loose their original shape. And this, independent of how often you wash your jeans, isn’t this awesome!

About Beija Flor:

Brazil is a South American country known for its beautiful women and their sense of style, seemingly endless beaches and its dense rainforests filled with colorful hummingbirds, known in Portuguese as “Beija-Flor.”

The mother and daughter team of Kathy Moça and Emilie Whitaker decided to name their jeans company “Beija-Flor Jeans”, for what better represents the inherent beauty and style of Brazil, and her indigenous selection of hummingbirds that grace her countryside.

While living in Brazil, Kathy noticed that the style and cut of Brazilian jeans worked with a woman’s natural curves rather than against them. When she returned to the States, she decided to share this insight through the design of her own line of jeans made with premium Brazilian denim that are now available in more than 300 boutiques nationwide, as well as online.

Keeping her in style and in-step with the times, Kathy’s daughter Emilie works side by side with her mom marketing and promoting Beija-Flor throughout the country, making this a family company that is run by women, and, made for women.

Beija Flor Summer 2014 Lookbook
Beija Flor Summer 2014 Lookbook

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