July 4th marks the day of the birth of the United States and one year since Bluer concluded its successful Kickstarter campaign.

We have asked Jeff Shafer, founder, designer & CEO for a few words, so we can commemorate together with him.

“July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday America. Happy Birthday Bluer. Today, we celebrate the birth of the United States. Today, we also celebrate the birth of Bluer.

America was born 238 years ago, as our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. Bluer was born 1 year ago today, as we completed our Kickstarter crowd funding campaign.

We made our video to tell people why the world needed yet another denim company.

Yes, we make great denim. Yes, our jeans have great cuts, great fades and great fits. Yes, our jeans are sexy and cool. But Bluer is different in that has a purpose and a social mission as well.

Our jeans are creating jobs in the USA. Our jeans are creating a global standard of re-purposing and recycling jeans. Our jeans show that world class denim can be manufactured entirely in the USA, ethically, transparently and delivered to your door at an incredible price.

Our “Circle Square” logo was developed to illustrate a solution to the riddle of putting a square peg through a round hole. It’s our flag. The Bluer video is our Declaration of Independence. Watching it one year later, it is more timely and relevant than ever.

There are many paths to the future. Choose a path that will look beautiful when looking back from your destination.

This is why we started our denim company.”

Jeffrey Todd Shafer
Founder, Designer & CEO