Bluer Denim Boy-Cut Selvage Full Front Top
Hey loves! I’m back for a new denim review! I apologize for my little hiatus. I’m currently 13 weeks pregnant, and I’ve had so much going on as of late. Unfortunately, my denim reviews had to take a back seat. However, I’m excited to get back into reviews and I’m especially excited to start reviewing maternity denim again. I have a little more to go before I’m officially too big to fit into my regular denim, so today I’m bringing to you the Bluer Denim Boy-Cut Selvage review.
Bluer Denim is a really wonderful brand and unique brand. For one, all their denim is constructed in the USA — from start to finish. The cotton is grown in Georgia, the jeans are designed in Portland, they’re hand-constructed in Los Angeles — even little details such as their copper rivets are from the US (they’re from Kentucky)! They are sold directly online, use authentic materials, and their prices won’t break the bank! Getting quality denim at a price that won’t hurt your wallet is pretty awesome, and really unheard of.
All their denim is hand-crafted and includes unique details that really give it character — like red/white/blue stitching inside. They also have “home try-on”, where you can select up to three pairs of jeans to try on at home and then return what you don’t want. It takes away the anxiety of buying multiple pairs of jeans online or going into a store to try on multiple pairs just to find the perfect fit. They even have a one year warranty! So if your denim has any damage or defect you can return them and they will repair them, free of charge. Talk about customer service! Bluer Denim has always believed in giving back (which is so good). They’ve donated used and refurbished denim to the community for years. For every pair of denim that you donate, Bluer Denim will give you a discount on a new pair of jeans. Pretty awesome.
I’ve tried a lot of different styles of denim, but this is the first time I’ve ever tried a selvage (or selvedge) style. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, selvage denim (aka selvedge, selvege, selfedge) by definition is “the edge of woven fabric finished so as to prevent raveling, often in a narrow tape effect, different from the body of the fabric” (source: Selvage denim is becoming more and more popular in the denim world. It’s important to note that selvage denim is 100% cotton, so that means zero stretch. 
Let’s face it, the majority of denim on the market has some ounce of stretch to it. We usually go for denim that is going to hug our curves and provide comfort. I have to say, though, after trying this style, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable selvage denim really is. I wish I had tried it a lot sooner. This Boy-Cut style is comprised of 120z. White Oak selvage denim from legendary Cone Mills. It’s a mid-rise with a relaxed fit through the hips, thigh, and knee and tapers towards the ankle with a 12″ leg opening.
I liked the overall look of this style. It’s definitely a boyish look, but much different than your usual boyfriend jean. This style can be cuffed or uncuffed at the ankles. I’m 5’10, but still chose to go with the regular inseam, which I thought was long enough. I’m wearing a size 27, even though I’ve been wearing a size 26 in other brands as of late. I wanted to embrace the boyish look, and was also a little fearful of going with a size 26 because I wasn’t sure if it would look and feel too tight. As you can see by looking at my photos, this jean is definitely relaxed from hip to ankle and perhaps a size 26 would’ve fit a little better through the leg, but the 27 was very comfortable and fit me just right in my waist and hips. I did find that these jeans stretched out a little bit through a days wear, but not enough to really notice a difference in the fit.
The wash of this jean is a nice medium blue with slight fading in the rear and down the thigh. I definitely noticed the quality of this denim. It’s a thick, sturdy denim, but not stiff by any means. I would even go as far as to compare the quality to that of a pair of Levis. It just felt like I was wearing a true classic pair of jeans.
Overall I really liked this denim. I really love what the Bluer Denim brand stands for and I feel that this style and the quality can last me years. I believe that a true pair of quality denim should last the test of time. It shouldn’t always be about trends (although I love a great print or ankle zipper), sometimes it’s nice to have a good, timeless style that goes great with just about anything in your closet.
If you’ve been eager to try out some selvage denim, or this is the first time you’ve ever heard of it, I highly suggest this style and this brand. They also have other great styles that include: two great skinny styles, a matchstick style, a classic boot-cut, a chambray shirt, and denim jacket — all styles that are true staples to any gal’s closet.
Bluer Denim Boy-Cut Selvage Full Back Bottom
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