Bluer Matchstick in Soul Mate Rinse Review - Front View

Hey all, Lana here with another review from the American brand, Bluer! The last time I reviewed this brand, I was featuring a great medium-blue style, the Slim Skinny High Rise in Soulmate Medium, which became a quick favorite of mine. We all know skinny jeans will always hold a solid place in every fashion-conscious woman’s closet, and rinse washes are a big favorite, considering their slimming effect and neutral dark look that goes with just about anything. Whether you’re hitting the clubs on a warm summer night or walking to work on a cold winter day, dark skinny jeans are a common go-to item that will compliment and dress up any look effortlessly. So, without further ado, here’s a Bluer Matchstick in Soul Mate Rinse review!

Bluer was founded by Agave‘s Jeff Schaffer, and holds a high standard to good old American innovation, quality and authenticity. All products are manufactured in the United States, from growing the cotton in Georgia, weaving the textiles in North Carolina, designing the garments themselves in Portland, Oregon, and handcrafting the final product in Los Angeles. Bluer also understands how difficult it can be to shop for denim online, so they offer a home-try on option which allows a shopper to choose up to three pairs of jeans which are then shipped free both ways to the person’s home to try them on. The shopper can then ship the unwanted jeans back, and they are only charged for the one they keep! Bluer also has a “buy one, give one” program which is a great sustainable and humanitarian solution to putting your old, used jeans back into the hands of those who are in need. When you purchase a new pair, Bluer provides a return label to ship back an old pair of jeans to them, which they will give you $5 for to use on a future purchase. Then they sanitize and donate that pair to someone who needs them. Win win! Bluer currently has a goal of giving away 1,000 jeans by the end of 2014!

Bluer Matchstick in Soul Mate Rinse Review - Back Angle View

The Bluer Matchstick is their slimmest cut for a slim silhouette. When I reviewed the Slim Skinny in Soulmate Medium, I ended up having to exchange them from my usual size of 26 to a size 25 because of the fit and the stretch. I know that rinse washes can often run a little smaller, but since I rarely end up having to size up, I tried a size 25 again for the Matchstick in Soul Mate Rinse. However, even though I could still squeeze into them, they aren’t very stretchy at 94″ cotton, 5″ polyester and 1% spandex, so I knew I had to send it back for my usual size! So for this one, definitely stick with what you normally wear. Rinse washes are very pretty in the sun, often reflecting back a pretty vertical sheen down the legs as the light hits. The fabric is a medium thickness, and when the sun hits it it displays dark and more vibrant blue threads all mixed together. It is really pretty! As mentioned, this style is meant for slimmer silhouettes, and I kind of have more muscular legs, so the legs fit tighter than the low-rise waistband and I do wear a belt with them, but I think they look pretty cool with one! The light brown leather studded belt I wore with them kind of reinforces their classic Americana style, with a contrasting Western-like look. They don’t gap in the back though, as Bluer jeans have a two-piece contoured waistband to eliminate this common problem. The Matchstick is a low-rise, skin-tight ankle jean with a super slim 9.5″ leg opening…perfect for tucking into boots! These jeans feel extremely durable, so I could see these lasting through hundreds of wears.

The Bluer Matchstick in Soul Mate Rinse is a classic jean to compliment slim figures, that will match with anything in your closet and take you through each season in style. Bluer is one of the few American brands that truly stick to their authentic roots, and I can definitely see them sticking around for quite some time. At a lower price point than most high-end denim out there at premium quality, Bluer is a great choice for fashionistas on a budget! If you crave the super-skinny, dark look, these are a good bet.

Grab these jeans for yourself right here!

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