G-star RAW X Marc Newson 10 Year Anniversary

“Why are we still working together after ten years?
Because we are very like minded in our philosophies.”
Marc Newson

In a world of one-off collaborations, G-Star is celebrating a decade of collaborating with Australian designer Marc Newson. Since 2004, Newson’s capsule collections have become renowned for their architectural constructions, street wear references, and premium fabrications. The 10-year anniversary collection is no exception, offering everything and more that fans have come to love from G-Star RAW X Marc Newson.

The Autumn/Winter 2014 collection highlight is the Anniversary Bomber Jacket. The changeable bomber jacket features a collection of patches that represent a decade’s worth of graphics. When turned, a black quilted side is revealed, offering a minimalist alternative.

The Seven Day Suit (not shown here) is another notable concept. Designed to be treated exactly like your denim, the premium, wool pieces require no dry-cleaning or ironing. The suit, which features a 5-pocket deconstructed slim blazer, looks equally as good with sneakers as it does with dress shoes – making it suitable for any occasion, any day of the week.

You can purchase the G-Star x Marc Newson reversible jacket here. It will be available July 30th 2014.

G-star RAW X Marc Newson 10 Year Anniversary
Rita Ora in the Reversible Tour Jacket
G-star RAW X Marc Newson 10 Year Anniversary
 Cara Delevingne in the Reversible Tour Jacket