Gwen Stefani in True Religion Overalls

Gwen Stefani in True Religion overalls does not look very attractive. It pains me to say this, because, as you all know, Gwen is one of my denim idols! We are so used to seeing her in heels, and all dressed up, and what is she doing here? Wearing flip flops and showing her bra???? She’s killing the look of her awesome True Religion Overalls.

She should have paired them at least with some cool sneakers, if not heels. And a sexy bra top would have looked so much better than that bra of hers showing under her tank top. Hopefully soon, we will be able to spot Gwen in the same overalls again, but worn in her typical “Gwen Style”! 🙂

You can purchase the True Religion Patchwork Overalls here.

Gwen Stefani in True Religion Overalls


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