House of Denim - The First Denim School

The House of Denim – the First Denim School in Amsterdam, was founded in 2012. The bright and spacious studio boasts all workshop aesthetics that you come to expect from any of today’s bespoke denim brands. Built specifically for these budding denim craftsman, the denim atelier is fully equipped with industry standard tools and machines like twin needle stitchers, loop and chain stitch, irons and waistband machines as well as rustic features like reclaimed wooden tables and steel stools. Laundry graphics are placed throughout the studio detailing specific wear patterns and reinforcing the denim theme throughout the space.

Throughout the 3 years, the students will be trained in all aspects of the industry, but with a heavy hands-on component: a lot of time will be spent in mills, stitching rooms and laundries. Sewing skills, pattern making, fit and wash design will be taught throughout the course, with a specific part of the development cycle as the key topic, changing every ‘term’ of 10 weeks.

Too bad, they only have this school in Amsterdam. They should absolutely open more schools like this here in the US as well!