Lisette Loves: Bluer Boy Jeans

One of the reasons that I am in lust with the Bluer boy jeans is that they are made of 100% cotton: 12.75oz double ringspun 100% Cotton right hand twill and feature the red white and blue selvedge I.D. The other reason is that they are a selvedge jean – finally one for women! Most of the selvedge jeans are still made for the guys and I find it always so frustrating to have to resort to men’s jeans when I am not in the mood for any stretchy thin spandex jeans. Which, in my case, being a real denimhead, is like at least 80% of the time LOL!

There is another cool advantage to wearing the Bluer selvedge boy jeans. You can cuff them at the ankle and snob all non-selvedge wearing people out there. The red and white selvedge id seam for me signifies the same as the Gucci written on you handbag!

You can order the Bluer boy fit jeans online and don’t worry about the sizing, you can order several pairs to try on and will be charged only for the one you keep.

Oh, and if you send your used pair of jeans (any brand) to Bluer, they will send you a 20$ credit for you to use on their site.
Isn’t this awesome?!

Lisette Loves: Bluer Boy Jeans


  1. A female complaining about lack of denim ( menswear originals, just like all pants/ trousers ) options for girls; now that is ” chutzpah ” ! If you were male ; you would have a ridiculously small percent of style options when contrasted with female cross-dressers the last fifty years.

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