A recent USA Today article titled ‘Made in America’ not easy for retailers to deliver on examined some of the issues facing retailers and Made in America products. Here is an excerpt from that article:

[quote_box_center]That’s changing, somewhat, as labor costs in places like China rise, Kirn said. A number of U.S.-based textile and clothing manufacturers, for example, are seeing new life because it’s become more cost-effective to manufacture domestically.

“Some of the textile mills in the Carolinas are reopening, and I think there is an appeal to that for a variety of reasons,” he said. “You control the supply chain, you know what the raw materials are and you know what you’re getting. And you’re closer to the place where you’re ultimately going to vend it.”[/quote_box_center]

When they are talking about those textile mills in the Carolinas reopening, they are talking about the impact that Bluer Denim is making. The following picture tells you the whole story.

Bluer Denim Products Made In USA

Jeff Shafer, the founder of Bluer Denim, gives us his thinking about Bluer and Made In America:

[quote_box_center]It’s been tough to watch what’s happened in this industry. Everything has gone offshore. Making things in America just isn’t viable anymore. Quality has gone way downhill, but prices keep going up, because the model has to pay so many people and that’s a shame.

We thought is there anyway to build a business model that could start to bring manufacturing back to the US AND be profitable AND still somehow be affordable for people buying our products?

We’re seeing a new model taking shape that makes that possible. It starts by giving you a more direct connection to us and our products. By selling directly online, we can design and build goods here in the States and charge much less than retailers charge for denim made overseas.

We can operate based upon our convictions and we can be completely transparent about our process. The entire Bluer line is designed here in Portland and hand-built by our own team in Los Angeles. All our denim is made at the Cone White Oak plant in North Carolina and we use cotton grown in Georgia. We’re obsessed with the details. We use cooper rivets from Kentucky and our zippers are from Georgia. Wherever possible, we partner with the best US manufacturers.[/quote_box_center]

Bluer also offers:

[pull_quote_center]In Japan, the phrase, “Bluer than Indigo,” means that the student has surpassed the master. We think we have the chance to do something truly unique and we would love to have you on this journey.[/pull_quote_center]

Well said, Bluer. You can support Bluer at their men’s and women’s stores.