MIA & MOSS Hyde High Rise Skinny in Dark Blue Review - Front Angle View

Hello denim fans! How many of you have noticed the growing trend in high-rise jeans? I guess we can’t really miss it…especially with festival season upon us and high rise shorts in all of the hip store windows. It wasn’t long ago that anything higher than low rise was thrown into the “mom jeans” category and immediately shunned. However, every body is different, and it seems as society has become more and more body conscious and accepting of the fact that we don’t all come in one size and shape, there is a much wider variety of rises in the land of denim. Personally, I have yet to appreciate the allure of the high-waisted shorts, but when it comes to jeans, I definitely have seen the light! So here’s a MIA & MOSS Hyde High Rise Skinny in Dark Blue review!

MIA & MOSS is a fairly new denim brand that I was unfamiliar with until I was asked to do some reviews for them! The company resides in denim-savvy Los Angeles, California, and prides itself in its unique fabric blends that give each of its denim masterpieces the feeling of cashmere. Each piece is also cut to offer streamlined fit, all the way down to the subtle details. MIA & MOSS constructs “jeans are a shock to the senses in the best possible way.” The brand actually sent me four of their jeans for review: the Sabine Skinny in Indigo, the Sabine Skinny in Grey, the Hyde High Rise Skinny in Dark Blue, and the Camden Crop skinny in Medium Blue. I was sent size 27 across the board, and even though I am usually a 26, they fit pretty well! I could have still worn a 26 too, so, if you would like to try out this brand, size up if you like an easier (yet still streamlined) fit, or take your usual size for a more snug fit. None of them have stretched out, either!

MIA & MOSS Hyde High Rise Skinny in Dark Blue Review - Back Angle View

The MIA & MOSS Hyde High Rise Skinny in Dark Blue is probably the highest high rise jean I have. At 10″, it reaches my bellybutton just high enough for the waistband to cover it. Like all MIA & MOSS jeans, this one has a contour waistband to fit the form of the body, and it is super slim all the way down the 29″ inseam to the ankle. At 78% cotton, 20% polyester and 2% spandex it is just stretchy enough to slip right over you, and it is a nice thin but durable denim. The wash itself is really neat. It’s a dark, dark blue with fading, but it’s slightly flatter than other jeans because it doesn’t have any whiskering, really. I know a lot of people who don’t like whiskering, so it’s great to have the choice. I think that alone gives it a unique look! The fading and wash is more of a neutral blue so it is easier to style with just about anything. I also like how the fading almost reveals a cool texture to the jean…it really is hard to explain! They look super, super sleek. The only thing that I noticed, as I did with all of the MIA & MOSS jeans, is that the waistband could be a little tighter for my curvier shape, as I have some muscle, with a smaller waist (lower waist-to-hip ratio)! It’s interesting, when I first pull these jeans all the way up, there is a gap in the back of the waistband, but as they settle down a bit, the gap goes away, without the jeans sagging. They do stay up pretty well! But that is one of the great things about higher rise jeans— there is more fabric above your lower waist to hug you and keep them in place. I do think if you have more a straight up and down figure, or just a higher hip-to-waist ratio (less difference between hips and waist), you might not experience the same thing I do. However, at 10″ I’m not sure I’d want the waistband to be too much tighter, as I do have a navel piercing and I have had experience with high rises rubbing uncomfortably against my higher hipbones!

High Rise jeans have certainly earned their spot in the world of jeans, and the MIA & MOSS Hyde High Rise Skinny in Dark Blue is a great example. They are cashmere-soft, high enough to fit over your curves and has a nice dark blue wash that’s neutral enough to fit with anything! Try them with a crop top if you’re a fan of this summer’s music festival trends or with tall boots and a tunic this winter for a sleek look. I think every woman should have at least one pair of high-rise jeans in her closet!

Grab these for yourself right here.

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