MIA & MOSS Sabine Skinny in Grey - Front View

I remember when grey jeans really hit the Hollywood scene hard several years ago, and it didn’t take much for them to stay! There are so many beautiful traditional denim washes out there but I think grey is just as pretty and versatile, and thus deserve a spot in your closet as a fashion staple. Grey jeans work with just about anything too, being more neutral, so I think they work so well in the summer to allow you to wear a wider range of bright, sunny colors up top (including blue), much like a nice basic white jean would! Today I’m presenting a nice jean that fits this mold! Here is a MIA & MOSS Sabine Skinny in Grey review!

MIA & MOSS is a fairly new denim brand that I was unfamiliar with until I was asked to do some reviews for them! The company resides in denim-savvy Los Angeles, California, and prides itself in its unique fabric blends that give each of its denim masterpieces the feeling of cashmere. Each piece is also cut to offer streamlined fit, all the way down to the subtle details. MIA & MOSS constructs “jeans are a shock to the senses in the best possible way.” The brand actually sent me four of their jeans for review: the Sabine Skinny in Indigo, the Sabine Skinny in Grey, the Hyde High Rise Skinny in Dark Blue, and the Camden Crop skinny in Medium Blue. I was sent size 27 across the board, and even though I am usually a 26, they fit pretty well! I could have still worn a 26 too, so, if you would like to try out this brand, size up if you like an easier (yet still streamlined) fit, or take your usual size for a more snug fit. None of them have stretched out, either!

MIA & MOSS Sabine Skinny in Grey - Back View 2

The MIA & MOSS Sabine Skinny in Grey is a nice dark grey with some subtle fading in the usual places. It’s got an 8 1/4 mid rise, which is my favorite rise to fit my more athletic body type. I think, although the rest of the jean fit like a 26, the waistband could have been a wee bit tighter (even though its contoured) because of my lower waist-to-hip ratio, so I think these might fit less curvy types better. Don’t get me wrong though! They are still a great fit! I did have to hike them up slightly throughout the day but it wasn’t too big of a deal. They sure are comfortable, just like MIA & MOSS promises! The cashmere-like fabric blend is 50% cotton, 31% rayon, 17% polyester, 2% spandex, and they are a medium-weight denim which ups the comfort factor even more. They aren’t crazy stretchy, and have just enough give to fit around curves while keeping them contained. These are ankle skinnies, with a 29″ inseam and 10″ leg opening which also makes them a great summer jean (or for tucking in boots in the fall or winter, whichever you prever). I also like how many jeans nowadays come with shallower pockets (lets face it, who uses them anyway, especially on these high-stretch, formfitting jeans?), and MIA & MOSS has also taken this into consideration with horizontal-fold front pocket lining for flat concealment. I still tuck them in a little bit when I put them on but they aren’t showing as lumps and bumps down my thighs! The brand really did think of the details with these jeans, and these also have neutral detailing so as not to distract from your greatest assets (wink wink)! As mentioned earlier, these jeans haven’t stretched out at all, and I’ve worn them about 3 times.

They grey skinny jean is a classic style, and I think every fashionable lady that is as obsessed with jeans as we here at Denimology are should own a pair! The MIA & MOSS Sabine Skinny in Grey is a great choice, and at $99 it’s a good alternative for those who would rather not pay the typically higher price tag of other premium jeans. As mentioned before, these might fit those with a higher waist-to-hip ratio (more svelte than curvy) best, but these are a nice choice for just about any body shape. Grey jeans are so fun to style in the summer, and I like how they seem to compliment just about any color!

Grab a pair of these jeans right here!

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