Mott & Bow - Denim Factory Videos

Mott & Bow, a premium and affordable men’s denim collection, includes videos that provide a snapshot into how each jean transitions from denim fabric to a ready to wear style. These videos shed light on the true science of denim – Mott & Bow utilizes the finest denim fabrics to produce a superior fit and distinct washes. Whether jeans are scraped, pinned or sprayed, each video illustrates the “behind the scenes” finishing processes that separate experts from novice denim makers.

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Tube Tie / Tape Tie:

We pin the jeans and often tie them in curious ways before they go into the wet processes. We remove the knots at different times in the washing process (the intention is to create subtle contrasts).

Tube Tie

Tape Tie

Resin Immersion / Spray:

If the wash formula consists of resin application, each jean is either sprayed or immersed into a resin mix (the two processes create different looks and feels).

Resin Immersion

Resin Spray