Parker Smith Becky Bootcut in Deep Azure Review - Front View

I don’t think the classic bootcut gets enough love. They have a great way of balancing out curvier bodies, adding an amazing slimming effect…especially if they are a little too long, hanging over some tall heels. But skinny jeans are just so convenient! Just throw them on and go…no tailoring needed—just roll them up into a cute cuff if they are too long! Wear them with heels, with flats, whatever you feel like, and the length always works just fine. Plus, if you are serious about fitness, they are a great way to show off your assets. With bootcuts, the length has to be just right for whatever shoes you plan to wear with them, and after I got more serious about fitness, I loved the way skinnies looked on me more and more as time went on, and my beloved bootcuts got stashed. However, when I got the chance to review an upcoming, fairly new brand bent on comfort, shape retention, and fit for curvy bodies, I deliberately chose a bootcut so I could revisit the style in a curvy fit, and I wanted to show a little bootcut love, since this style hasn’t been a classic for so long for no reason! So without further ado, here is a Parker Smith Becky Bootcut in Deep Azure review!

Parker Smith is a very new brand! Born with a soft launch just last year in 2013 by Mary Ellen Moschetti, and a full launch in 2014, they are already gaining ground in the denim world with their soft European fabrics and ultimate curvy fit! The brand states “Parker Smith is the real jean for the real woman, whether you’re a career fashionista or a stylish mom looking for a great fitting pair of jeans.” These beauties are finished by hand for a “sophisticated and contemporary look and feel,” right in the heart of the fashion district of Los Angeles. The best part to me, is that the fabrics are made of an eco friendly cotton, with tencel for an extremely soft and comfortable feel that is wrinkle resistant and absorbent. Parker Smith proudly addresses the widespread hatred of jeans that stretch out after just a few wears by “wear-testing” each product to ensure shape retention through wear after wear after wear. What an incredible combination of great qualities!

Parker Smith Becky Bootcut in Deep Azure Review - Back View

My bootcuts came in my usual size of 26 (or a 2), and the claim of supreme softness was immediately apparent. They are a nice, durable-feeling thick fabric made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, and the quality is impressive. They fit me perfectly and weren’t snug at all–they sit nicely around my curves and because of this I feared I maybe should have sized down in case they stretched out a bit, but I’ve worn them about five times and they have kept their shape, as the brand promises! They seriously feel like sweatpants, both in thickness and in softness, with a relaxed fit from the knee down. They are long, at a 35” inseam, but I think I’ve decided I prefer this in bootcuts anyway because they look better on me with some tall heels for the lengthening effect! I look (I think?) and feel a little stubbier when I wear bootcuts with flats. I don’t know, maybe I’m my own worst critic, but I feel like strutting around when I’m wearing these with some tall heels peeking out from underneath the 18” leg opening! With a higher 9.25” rise and 14.5” back rise, they are certainly a curvy jean, with no gap in the back, and I haven’t needed to wear a belt with them at all. The wash itself is a nice dark dressy looking wash with subtle fading and whiskering for a classy look. However, I think they look great either dressed up or down a little…but not too casual! The lack of showy embellishments or back pocket designs makes these a great closet staple.

I love trying out new brands and keeping my mind open about the world of denim…this is why I love it–I am constantly discovering things that throw aside, enhance, twist or tweak any preconceptions or preferences I already had. This Parker Smith Becky Bootcut in Deep Azure review has helped change how I feel about bootcuts, along with a few other brands I’ve reviewed…and I am loving this jean! I feel like I’m wearing my pajamas when I wear them to work, and I am thrilled about how well they show off my curves without being tight, like I usually prefer my jeans to be. Usually when jeans are more relaxed, I feel they are too big and they drive me crazy with fear of the “baggy butt” syndrome. But these have kept me calm, and comfortable, and strutting my stuff with confidence.

Grab a pair of these gems for yourself, right here!

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