Indigofera Jeans

I wanted to take some time to reintroduce the brand Indigofera Jeans to Denimology. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Indigofera Jeans and I thought now would be as good a time as any to showcase the brand and what sets them apart in the denim market.

“Many brands out there are making denim pants – at Indigofera, we make jeans.” This was one of the quotes from Mats Andersson, owner and creator of Indigofera Jeans, that captures the essence of the brand. Mats has spent much of his life working in the fashion industry including a time with big name players like Levi’s. During this time he has witnessed a change in the denim market of getting away from what made jeans a staple in many wardrobes. Mats now wants to bring us back to a time when jeans were jeans. Before the idea of the “American cowboy” branding for denim and before a time when denim was manufactured with stretch and lesser weight fabrics. To Mats, this time was pre-1960 when jeans were just as much built around function as they were for fashion. A time when jeans were made with a heavier weight fabric and were built to last. Highlighting the notion that jeans should be integrated into someone’s life, not define it.

Indigofera is a brand created in Sweden with their manufacturing in Portugal. The name came from the Indigofera class of plants that are used to create the indigo dye most commonly found throughout the industry. What really sets Indigofera apart, keeping true to the quality first approach, is that Indigofera actually creates their own fabric weaves. This means that they rarely buy “off-the-shelf” fabrics or washes but instead work with top weavers to create a special unique and signature denim fabric. Taking this rare approach, Indigofera is able to stand behind the quality of their products and offer jeans that will take on a personality as unique as the wearer.

Looking through the full Indigofera collection I had an immediate sense of nostalgia. I could see the influences from railway conductors, prison issued garments and coal miners from the early 50’s or 60’s. If I had to define the collection in just a few short words I would simply say, “modern nostalgia”. The black denim, whether a jacket or jean, actually uses components from gunpowder to finish and dye the garments. You can easily confirm this by holding a pair up to your nose and lightly tapping the jeans. As a result, you could smell the faintest hint of gunpowder and envisioned soldiers charging onto a field of battle full of strength and pride. From shrink to fit denim jackets to Suprema cotton henleys, Indigofera has something to fit into anyone’s closet.

In addition to the clothing, Indigofera offers a line of signature wool blankets. The blankets are made from virgin Norwegian wool and offer up some amazingly unique designs. Although we are in the beginning of summer, these are the type of blankets that will actually make you wish for Autumn and Winter to return. Whether outside around a campfire or on the couch watching your favorite movie, these blankets will keep you warm and stylish no matter the weather.

Search through the full product offering and more photos (taken by the great Calle Stoltz) by heading on over to their website here.

Indigofera Jeans