Robin's Jean Motard Denim

Passion plays a large role in many people’s lives. For me, it is my passion for denim and fashion that landed me at Denimology. For Robin’s Jean, it was the passion of motorcycles and the inspiration of an open road which lead to the creation of, not only the brand, but of their signature winged logo. One product that strongly showcases and embodies the underlying meaning behind Robin’s Jean is the Robin’s Jean Motard Denim.

As seems to be the case with many of Robin’s Jean items, if I were to list all the individual details on the Motard jeans, you might picture a flashy in-your-face pair of denim. A pair of jeans that only celebrities or musicians can pull off because many times they seem above the general “fashion rules” for everyday life. However, when I actually saw the Robin’s Jean Motard Denim in 3D Dark the only thing that ran through my mind was “Wow”. Just to have a little fun I will run through the details to illustrate my point:

There are about 10 different pockets on a pair of jeans that are not cargo. Four of those pockets are closed with zippers and two are coin pockets.Moto style pleating on the knees, a large Robin’s Jean winged logo across the back waistband, logoed rivets throughout and honeycomb fading along the back of the legs from the knee down. All of this could come together for a disastrous pair of jeans but it is in the execution of all these details where Robin’s Jean show their worth. The zippers are actually hidden and seem to disappear between the perfectly crafted whiskering around the crotch and butt. The pleating helps add a unique 3D effect to the entire pair putting them into a more luxury category than parlor trick denim. Even the winged logo is created in tonal stitching that melts into the natural indigo color and expert wash of the Robin’s Jean Motard Denim 3D Dark jeans. It all comes together to earn Robin’s Jean a rightful spot in the premium denim market.

Now you can imagine with all the care and planning to get these details right, the Robin’s Jean Motard Denim comes with a higher than average price tag. Just keep in mind, when you are comparing these jeans to other “premium brands”, you most likely are not comparing apples to apples.

Details aside, the Robin’s Jean Motard Denim also shines through in the fit. I went with my standard size of 32 and found the fit to be spot on. The look on the legs is slim but never tight or too skinny. A low-rise helps create a great shape around the butt and thighs, creating a very nice silhouette from every angle. The pleated knees are a great styling detail that actually has real world function behind it. Since they were inspired from the biker lifestyle, the pleats offer the ability to bend down and move freely without the bottom of the jeans rising up and exposing the tops of your shoes or boots. I can clearly see how this can be a huge win for those who often cycle in a favorite pair of denim. Even performing simple everyday tasks, not as hardcore as riding a motorcycle of course, like picking up dropped keys or sitting in a barstool become more comfortable. The pleats are one of those details that you didn’t know you wanted but are really happy you have. Contributing to the overall comfort of the Motard Denim is the very soft hand of the denim developed through the careful washing process. I found that with some washed denim the softness is actually counter productive to the fit, meaning they tend to lose their shape quickly or show unsightly bulges when storing a phone a wallet. This is not the case with Robin’s Jean. From top to bottom, the Robin’s Jean Motard Denim is a more universal slim fit that can work on many different body types.

Bottom line: Robin’s Jean once again proves that they can take the outrageous and craft it into a very wearable piece of art. Not necessarily a pair of jeans you can wear into an office type job, but a great everyday pair for your everyday life. Stay true to size and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Really play up the moto theme of the Robin’s Jean Motard Denim and pair with a white tee shirt and biker jacket or dark boots and a simple sweater. This particular fit is offered in a number of different finishes which you can check out here.

Robin’s Jean once again impresses me with the control that it shows taking denim to another level.

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Robin's Jean Motard Denim

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