Siwy Fall 2014 Women's Lookbook

There is only one thing to say about this Siwy Fall 2014 Women’s Lookbook: awesome! So many cute jeans, so many styles and washes! Thank you, Siwy, for making me look forwards to fall!

About this Fall 2014 lookbook:

Inspired by outlaws, Fall 2014 looks to those social bandits glamorized in popular culture. From leather lace up shorts with the vibe of 1960’s rock and roll revolutionaries to punk inspired plaid textures, washes and treatments referenced from those who were at one time outsiders are brought forward into modern fun fashion pieces. Smells of tobacco and patchouli mingle with the essence of motorcycle details and folkloric prints. Fatigues and flight suits offer a new direction to the military madness of other eras. Yesterday’s outlaws are today’s heroes and style icons.

Fabrics and washes are classic, worn in ranging from light, wind blown blues to deep blue, greys and faded blacks. Ponte and scuba, leather and lace mix with soft, flowing tencel. Gold and metallic take an important role this season from textured pants to studs and beading detail to embroidery. Sexy Siwy skinnies mix with boyish, slouchy bodies and trouser styles. Moto jackets and vests as well as classic denim jackets are found in a variety of fabrications and washes.

This season is about the modern woman embracing a more masculine, looser fit, silhouette while still creating that long, lean line with our signature skinnies and drainpipes. Jumpsuits in loose, tencel bodies create ease and glamor for the modern wearer. Trouser fits and plaids create a day to night option for a rock and roll Siwy girl.

Siwy Fall 2014 Women's Lookbook
Siwy Fall 2014 Women's Lookbook

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  1. Those jeans look like they came straight out of 2006. Sorry, I left low low rise jeans in my rearview mirror in high school. Now i remember why. Even with high heels and super leggy models they look shitty. The best way to wear them is with cropped tops so people at least know you have a waist, but that looks trashy.

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