Siwy Hannah Slim Crop in Odyssey Review - Front View

Those of us who have been fans of the world of denim for a considerable amount of time know how in-demand Siwy is! Seen on a large range of celebrities and fashionistas alike, this is a brand that has stood the test of time with their beautifully detailed pieces, especially the ever-popular Hannah slim crop skinny. For this summer season, Siwy has released an attractive line of destroyed denim to keep you cool and looking great in the higher temperatures, wherever you go! We already know how big of a staple a nice flattering skinny crop jean is in the summer, so here we go with a Siwy Hannah Slim Crop in Odyssey review!

Siwy was born in 2005 in New York City and quickly gained notoriety for their gorgeous washes, well-fitting and sexy designs. The brand boasts high-quality stretch for longevity, and an ultimate feminine yet tough look, “infusing the LA-dominated denim category with a heavy dose of New York attitude.” Siwy is easily recognized by their cute quilted back pocket designs, and every jean is given intricate details and lines to accommodate the body and move with it, whether you are walking, sitting, squatting, standing, or just living your day-to-day life. The brand states, “Long, lean shapes have become a signature look and are softened by a shortened, curved hem at the back of the leg. This discrete design element avoids a dragging hem when worn with sneakers or heels while maintaining a height illusion for women of all sizes.” To top it all off, every piece is hand-finished with labels made out of vintage feedsack cloth, which were a big part of rural Americana in the 1840s through the mid-20th century—the patterned fabric was made into quilts and apparel by frontier women. This is one way Siwy celebrates its made-in-America values!

Siwy Hannah Slim Crop in Odyssey Review - Back View 2

I’ve tried a few pairs of Siwy jeans in the past, grabbing the few that I found on sale here and there, but I never got the sizing or style right for my curvier, more athletic body shape. I have a very tight, rinse wash bootcut, a pair of the popular Camilla shorts in a size too big (although they are so cute, and I really want a better pair later on), and a pair of the Hannahs in two sizes too big! When I got a chance to review Siwy‘s most recent distressed denim line, I was excited to finally find a pair that I knew would fit me right. Sure enough, I did. I was advised to size down from my usual size of 26 for the Hannah in Odyssey, which I wasn’t sure about at first since I know Siwy has ran small in the past (with the exception of the Camilla shorts). However, the 25 was perfect! I believe it had to do with this specific fabric. At 98% cotton and 2% elastane, so it’s a little stretchy, and they did stretch out a bit over several wears to fit me even better. The Siwy Hannah Slim Crop in Odyssey is a really pretty dark blue that appears to have highlights and lowlights with perfect fading and minimal whiskering. Pictures don’t do these justice! The attention to detail is really impressive. These jeans are lightweight and very soft, making it a great jean for the summer months, and the 29″ ankle length adds to that appeal. These jeans have a low 7.5″ rise which is often difficult to get right for my shape, but these are amazing! They stay put, I don’t have to adjust after sitting down and standing up or squatting, and they fit evenly snug all around without being restricting or gapping anywhere. I almost feel these were made for me! I am also often wary about distressed styles because I fear knee blow-out…we all know sometimes all it takes is one squat for a knee hole to burst across towards the seams. The holes are placed around the knees in just the right spots to prevent this from happening. That is a total win, to me. To top off how much I love these jeans, the back pockets are adorned with the trademark Siwy embroidery (they are embroidered inside of the pockets, so the denim sticks out to show a 3D pattern on the outside. I’m not really one for big back pocket designs, but these are so tasteful, unique and so cute! Not all Siwy jeans feature this design, and I made sure to choose a Hannah to try not only because it’s one of Siwy‘s more popular styles and I was excited to try one for the curvier denim fans out there, but also because I just love this unique touch the brand added to its back pockets. The pockets themselves seem smaller and placed slightly higher, which appear to give a little more va-va-voom to the trunk!

I don’t think it takes much to sell a pair of Siwy jeans, as they have pretty much proved their point long ago in the premium denim market. I will be one to verify that, but I’d definitely advise going to try a few on if you can before picking out your perfect pair! As with many jean brands, it can be tough to order online without knowing how they will fit, and it seems each pair of Siwys fits each body shape differently, both in cut and sizing. In my opinion, that’s how it should be! It’s great to cater to everyone, and I’d suggest the Siwy Hannah Slim Crop in Odyssey to anyone looking for a beautiful, eye-catching summer jean that will make any outfit pop, whether you are strolling the boardwalk during a hot summer day or going out to a nice dinner once the sun sets. Siwy has a new fan, right here!

You can purchase these pretty little skinnies right here.

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