STRÖM Femton Vintage Boyfriend Jeans in Swirl Review

One of my more recent reviews was about an awesome pair of soft and stretchy selvage jeans – the STRÖM Tre Vintage Skinny in Dew. STRÖM is very well-known for its comfy selvage denim for women which is one of the brand’s signature programs. However, they have much more to offer – just take a look at STRÖM’s new Fall/Winter’14 Lookbook or their Spring/Summer styles available now online. The Femton Vintage Boyfriend Jeans in Swirl are a great example of the current collection which is full of cool and original pieces.

Femton is quite unique in many aspects from the fit to fabrication. The denim is indeed pretty special and not something you see very often. It is INCREDIBLY (almost chambray-like) light-weight and couldn’t be any more perfect for summer. Even on a very hot day these jeans will keep you cool as they feel more like a breezy linen pant. This super soft, supple denim is 100% cotton and the lack of stretch is perfect for this pant which can sometimes make them too drapey and a bit sloppy.

The Swirl is a clean and pretty light indigo wash that is somewhat unexpected for a boyfriend style as they are typically offered in more vintage, authentic washes. Its crisp powder blue shade is chic and sophisticated softening up the tomboy-ish vibe of the jeans making them slightly more feminine. Very minimal, barely noticeable abrasion on the front is a cool yet subtle detail that some may say is unnecessary but I kind of like it. It gives more texture and dimension to the fabric and adds a hip, youthful touch.

Femton is a “true boyfriend” and pretty oversized throughout. With that said it doesn’t make your butt look saggy at all and in fact hugs it pretty nicely which is a big plus in my book! At the end of the day there is nothing sexy about a shapeless, droopy behind no matter how much slouchy looks are in style. These jeans are really roomy in the leg from the upper thigh to the very bottom of the 14” leg opening. Such cut gives you freedom to play around with the silhouette by experimenting with different cuffs. Keep an original flat, semi-wide cuff for a straight leg boyfriend fit or do a skinny, somewhat uneven double roll for a slight taper. When you want to be a bit bolder go for a 90’s-inspired extreme taper and use my husband’s favorite style trick from back in his high-school days – the pinroll. It has made a huge come-back since it works great with the ever-so-fashionable sporty look.

I got these jeans in my regular size and I really like how they fit, personally I wouldn’t size down. However if you’d like to wear your boyfriend’s snugger you can go with a smaller size – there is definitely plenty of room for that.

I was very excited to review STRÖM denim and my expectations were definitely exceeded. Just like my first pair of STRÖM skinnies these Femton Vintage Boyfriend Jeans in Swirl are absolutely fantastic!

The STRÖM Femton Vintage Boyfriend Jeans in Swirl are available here.

Top: Juicy Couture // shoes: MICHAEL Michael Kors // bracelet, necklace: Nordstrom //watch: Tissot // sunglasses: Balmain

STRÖM Femton Vintage Boyfriend Jeans in Swirl Review
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