WeSC Esmund 5-pocket jeans in raw stretch selvage

WeSC, or WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy, is a brand that never seems to stray from their original identity. Ever since 1999 when the brand was founded, the skate and snowboarding lifestyle has influenced every collection and every product – shoes, headphones, hoodies and yes even jeans. We have been able to get a few mentions of WeSC on Denimology but now it is time to put the brand’s jeans to the test. So let’s start by looking at the WeSC Esmund 5-pocket jeans in raw stretch selvage.

The WeSC Esmund 5-pocket jeans are the newest fit to the brand’s simple and versatile denim collection. Historically, WeSC has offered primarily four fits which seemed enough to cover almost everyone. With the introduction of the Esmund fit, WeSC is now able to offer their updated slimmed down version of the “anti-fit” style that is becoming more popular with many different brands. I don’t see this fit filling any gap that was missing from WeSC’s denim line, more like offering an alternative “weekend style” that shows a little something different. The WeSC Esmund 5-pocket jeans are described as having a regular fit, tapered leg and low crotch, your standard anti-fit descriptions. So I could understand that it is easy for someone on the outside to look at all this – drop crotch, skater brand, anti-fit – and completely dismiss Esmund as a pair of jeans that work for us average guys. However, these are actually the reasons why we should consider adding this fit into our closets.

I feel there is always a risk and danger when talking about drop crotch jeans, if they are not done right you could end up looking sloppy, juvenile and just plain sad. The WeSC Esmund 5-pocket jeans seem to help push aside those initial fears and dive headfirst into the emerging trend. Due to the fact the brand has been so heavily influenced by the “skater world”, they know how to do the dropped crotch style justice while still maintaining every day wearabilty for us normal non-X Gamers. Fit wise, I think WeSC captured the slouchy attitude perfectly. Regular fit with a tapered leg really translates to more of a relaxed slim fit all the way around. The dropped crotch makes it feel like there is more room around the top of your thighs and adds an element of easiness to the jeans. The yoke on the WeSC Esmund 5-pocket jeans is definitely wide but is offset by the mid rise height of the waist. By offset I mean the long crotch doesn’t hang down to your knees instead ends about an inch lower than normal jeans. Appearance wise, the WeSC Esmund 5-pocket jeans look very long from the top of the waist to the end of the crotch. To me, this means that this is a pair of jeans you shouldn’t wear with a tucked shirt so keep things casual. As for the tapered leg, they appear to fit more slim all the way down the leg which makes for a really nice cuff, but I don’t feel that they taper in past the knee.

I will talk a bit about the raw selvage fabric later on but I wanted to point out something quickly here. The combination of the stiffer raw selvage denim and the longer exaggerated rise, forced me to be a bit careful when walking long distances at first. The main reason for this was to prevent any chafing on the inside of my thighs. The end of the drop crotch hit me around the upper thighs and I felt the fabric rubbing against my skin as I was walking around the city. It made me a bit worried and conscious of my movements so I wouldn’t end up with brush burns on my legs. I know this is always a concern in some part when dealing with raw denim but it is highlighted here with the dropped crotch. I have mentioned it a few times before, but I love when jeans look low-slung from the back without actually hanging down off your butt so I wouldn’t’ change anything about the fit. It is a break from the normal slim jeans look and helps add a bit of that “I don’t care” attitude into your style.

I think we can now move on to the fabric and details of the WeSC Esmund 5-pocket jeans. One thing I love about WeSC is that they do a great job of offering jeans in many different price ranges. The Esmund 5-pocket jeans sit as one of their higher priced pairs seemingly as a direct result of the higher quality fabrics and materials used. Meaning you get what you pay for. First off, the raw stretch selvage is made from a 13.75 ounce ring spun Japanese selvage denim; It marks one of the first times that WeSC is offering selvage denim in their collections. The weight makes for a nice solid pair of jeans but also makes for a bit of stiffness during the first few days of wear. I am not sure why they say “stretch selvage” because they only contain 100% cotton. The heavier raw denim fabrics typically take a bit longer to “soften-up” so be prepared to do the work. Going back to my previous point about possible chafing, once these are broken in a bit, I don’t think it will be a concern any longer. The nice pale yellow selvage edge is very eye catching and provides a great contrast to the indigo, one I hope becomes a signature selvage for WeSC. I would say It is actually one of the better selvage finishes I have seen so far. Aside from the standard place, you will also find the selvage finish along the coin pocket and on the inside of the back pockets. Another mark of quality is the brown leather WeSC patch along the waistband. All of WeSC’s higher priced denim have leather patches as opposed to the jacron patches on their lower priced options. The last detail I will touch on is the 3-needle stitching along the bottom of the yoke and all the pockets. Rarely is 3-needle stitching used in place of the much more common 2-needle stitch but it works on these jeans. WeSC does this not only to add extra reinforcement around the most heavily used areas but also to add subtle design touch and flair to the raw denim.

I paired the WeSC Esmund 5-pocket jeans with the WeSC Wilbur denim tee in used indigo. I love this tee because it is actually made from indigo rope dyed jersey. So WeSC uses the same technique for dyeing the Wilbur denim tee as it does to make their jeans. The result is a great uneven washed indigo color that should wash and wear just like the jeans. I am excited to see how this will turn out after a couple wears and washes. The WeSC Wilbur denim tee is regular fit which won’t cling to closely to your body so you can stay cool in the spring or summer. The neck is cut wider and a little unfinished so it doesn’t lay fully flat, which is a look I prefer for plain t-shirts, especially when paired with the Esmund jeans.

Bottom line: The WeSC Esmund 5-pocket jeans are a welcome addition to the WeSC denim line. It is nice to see WeSC bring in more quality fabrics and details into their jeans without sacrificing on the identity that provides the foundation for the brand. I would recommend this new fit to anyone looking to break out of their normal slim jean comfort zone or those who live a more active lifestyle and are looking to up their style game. Despite what some other raw denim brands say, I stayed true to size with WeSC and it works perfectly (32 waist and 32 length). Check out their stocklists for a place near you or order them directly online through their website.

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WeSC Esmund 5-pocket jeans in raw stretch selvage

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