5PREVIEW College Chambray Jacket

There is one jacket that seems to go by many names – Baseball, Letterman, Varsity, College – whichever you prefer there is one thing that is undeniable, it is having a huge moment right now. From the runway to your local second hand store, the college jacket can be found in many different fabrics and many different price ranges. 5Preview has entered this game in a big way with the 5Preview College Cambray Jacket.

5Preview is a brand that seems to breathe new life into the fashion world. Whether it is through their slightly satirical graphic tees or bigger statement pieces like the 5Preview College Cambray Jacket, they never seem to shy away from the reimagined prints, bold graphics or innovative design. Their take on the college jacket stays true to this philosophy while showcasing a smooth light cambray fabric.

When I first set eyes on the 5Preview College Cambray Jacket, I was instantly struck with images of the Karate Kid or Danny Zuko from Grease. When someone talks about redesigned or updated vintage, they must be talking about a jacket like this. It honestly looks like it was found on the racks of the best vintage store on some small hidden street in New York City. However, this was only the first impression, because when you slip into this jacket, there is nothing vintage or second hand about it. The cut is modern, stylish and redefines how to use such an amazing fabric. The dog graphic on the back of the jacket is what you might expect to find pinned to the walls of a tattoo parlor or in a 90’s cartoon. Oversized, exaggerated but executed with a careful eye to stay in the realm of high fashion. Despite the size of the print, the image tends to blend in with the darker chambray panels of the jacket. Which brings me to the next feature, the dual-color panels of chambray that are used to construct the arms and body. The sharp contrast between the panels helps highlight the natural curves of your torso without constricting the movement of your arms and shoulders. To round everything off, the 5Preview College Cambray Jacket hits right at the top of the waistband on a lower rise pair of jeans. This length works wonders to create a very balanced proportion silhouette, however it wouldn’t hurt to be just a half inch or inch longer.

Due to a limited stock availability, I was sent a size Large. Normally I would have preferred a Medium but the larger size allowed me to wear it in a different way. One major benefit of the chambray fabric is that is drapes extremely well naturally. So if a brand is able to construct a great fitting jacket, which 5Preview achieves, the fabric does the rest. This is why you will see a lot of denim brands also offering chambray shirts. So when I first put on the jacket, I thought it was going to be way too big but then I looked in the mirror. It seemed to hit my shoulder and waist at just the right spots to give an intentionally oversized look but not in the “wearing my big brother’s jacket” kind of way. I think it provides a great balance to a nice skinny or slimmer cut pair of jeans. Women tend to pull off this look quite often but this is a bit of the toned down masculine version.Now don’t get me wrong, if I was able to get the Medium I would have jumped at it, but the Large forced me to go a little outside my comfort zone which is never a bad thing (stylewise).

Bottom line: 5Preview is a brand that is very womenswear heavy with a few shirts offered up as unisex options. The 5Preview College Chambray Jacket is one of the few pieces targeted for the male consumer and they have surely hit the mark. The experience with draping fabrics for dresses is showcased here in the way the jacket forms around the torso, even at the larger size. A great option for the spring days or cooler summer nights, the 5Preview College Chambray Jacket adds a touch of “street” to your normal look. Stay true to size for a more refined look or go one size larger for a completely different feel. You can pick up the jacket or any other pieces here.

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5PREVIEW College Chambray Jacket

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