Agave Ava Leggings in Midnight Stretch Review - Front View

After doing so many reviews for Denimology already, I find it interesting to note that most of them seem to be centered around skinny, dark blue jeans. Hey, I can’t complain, I think they look the best on me anyway! This time around, I’ve got a beautiful pair of dark blue leggings from Agave. Dark blue leggings look awesome in the Fall tucked into tall boots, but I like them year-round, as I like a dark contrast to my light summery tops. So here are a pair of jeans that I really grew a liking to, for an Agave Ava Leggings in Midnight Stretch review!

As mentioned in the last review I did for Agave, I first discovered the brand in 2007 at my last job at an e-commerce company when I helped design and build a website for them! That company also owned a denim boutique that I designed store collateral for, that carried Agave product. It was there that I picked up their well-known La Sirena bootcut style and immediately fell in love with how incredibly sweatpant-like soft they were. I was excited to get back in touch with the same contacts at Agave that I was in touch with when I designed their website, and to get a chance to revisit them with their new denim line. Agave, in my opinion, is one of the best denim brands out there, and should be a household name as 7 For All Mankind and True Religion is. The brand was founded in 2002 in Santa Monica, California by Jeffrey Todd Shafer, under the moniker of “West Coast Luxury.” All product is designed in Portland and manufactured in California with sustainability in mind…Agave proudly supports organizations like the Surfrider Foundation and The Sierra Club, and also partners with Tesla Motors.

Agave Ava Leggings in Midnight Stretch Review - Side View 2

Agave sent over me their new Ava Leggings in Midnight Stretch in two sizes, since before I went with a size 26, but since I often size down in stretchy jeans I got the option to try a size down. Lo and behold, the 25 fit better. The 26 did fit fine, but they gapped a little bit in the waist. The legs fit just about the same in both (like a legging should…tight but not constructing), but the 9″ rise fits my curvy behind and sloping back just a bit better in the smaller size. Being leggings, it’s awesome that these are just as soft as Agave jeans are known for. I gotta say, the fit is better than the Delgada that I reviewed awhile ago! It’s quite possibly that’s because I went a size down, but these feel like they were made for my body. They have a 30″ leg opening and the fabric is a lightweight, 10oz blend of 77% cotton, 21% poly, 2% Spandex for a perfect stretchy fit that has kept its shape over the three times I’ve worn them. They still feel like new! I also like the faux pockets, so I don’t have to worry about stuffing them back in every time I hit the loo. The dark blue is a pretty over-saturated deep rich indigo, but I quickly realized that it can easily rub off! While wearing them out to lunch, I unfortunately dropped a bit of curry on one leg, and when I tried to wipe it off, a little bit of the color came off too! You couldn’t really notice the spot, and it probably only bothers me because I can be a bit of a perfectionist…but it is ever-so-slightly lighter than the rest of the jeans, if the light hits it just right. The color hasn’t rubbed off on my car’s tan leather seats, but I’m still cautious. When it comes time to wash them I’m sure I’ll just handwash them in the tub, but I’d hate to lose that beautiful dark wash. Agave advises to turn them inside out and machine wash cold, but…I think I’m a bit too paranoid for that!

All in all the Agave Ava Leggings in Midnight Stretch are a BEAUTIFUL, well-fitting choice if you are looking for a great dark legging for fall or just as a wardrobe staple. Even if you aren’t a fan of the deep rich indigo, Agave has a great selection of other skinnies and leggings that should fit your taste. As with most dark jeans, these will go with just about anything, but the deep indigo will give your outfit a nice fancy, eye-catching touch. Just be careful when you are out to dinner, and make sure you wear a napkin on your lap, like I failed to do!

Grab a pair of the Agave Ava Leggings in Midnight Stretch right here.

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