AGAVE Pragmatist Big Drake Flex Jeans

The AGAVE Pragmatist Big Drake Flex Jeans are the perfect jeans for you guys if you love your comfort AND want to look good in your jeans. The reason why they are so special is explained here by Jeff Shafer, owner and creator of the Agave brand:

“As you know women have been hip to stretch denim for years and when I first started working on Agave and premium denim for men, I introduced stretch denim for guys and it felt like a nice way to communicate this to men.

The Flex jeans are from the Italian mill Candiani and also come in a lighter 8-year wash version. You can see the wash in the two images below. The ones shown above are in a 4 year wash.

Flex is a more masculine way to say stretch. Flex for Agave men’s are generally 98% cotton 2% polyurethane. Many of the stretch denims are the same 98% cotton 2% polyurethane. And now have grown to many variations of cotton blends that have more give.”

But, be aware, more stretch doesn’t necessarily mean better fitting, or better looking. It just means that if there is too much stretch, the jeans will bag out quite a lot and will look sloppy after some wear. This is why the Flex are made for guys and perfect for guys. The secret is the right amount of stretch.

You can read all about the Flex jeans in Justin’s review.

Agave jeans for men are available here and you can also buy them online from the Agave website.

AGAVE Pragmatist Big Drake Flex Jeans

AGAVE Pragmatist Big Drake Flex Jeans

AGAVE Pragmatist Big Drake Flex