AGAVE S/S '14 Men's Lookbook

About this AGAVE S/S ’14 men’s Lookbook, Jeff Shafer, owner and creator of the brand, tells us a little story:

“I grew up in water: swimming fishing, snorkeling, water skiing surfing, scuba diving, snow skiing (frozen water). Always inspired by the blue color of water, the blue color of the sky, the blue color of cobalt pottery (I was a potter) and blue color of jeans (I am a denim designer).

The fact is that my family name is actually “Szafir”, not Shafer. Szafir means sapphire in the Polish language of my father’s father.

When I was a kid my jeans were made by Levi’s and my tees were made by Hanes. As an adult, and also a clothing designer, I manufacture both my jeans and my tees, both are Agave.

When I was a kid both Levi’s and Hanes were excellent quality and both were made in America. I believe in “Made in America.

Today, my Agave’s are cut, sewn and hand finished in California from the finest Japanese denim. Mostly Kaihara and Kuroki. My tees are cut, sewn and individually dyed in California from Supima Cotton. Agave jeans and tee are superior quality.”

This says it all, the Agave jeans for men are the “Goldilocks”! Made for the contemporary dude who appreciates made in America and wants to feel good and comfortable in his clothes, AND, of course, look good in them!

AGAVE S/S '14 Men's Lookbook

AGAVE S/S '14 Men's Lookbook

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