AGAVE S/S '14 Women's Lookbook

After we had posted this last week, we were not happy with some of the images, so here you go with a perfect new edition!

When I asked Jeff Shafer, owner and creator of Agave, to tell me about his brand, he said first thing:

“My inspiration for all Agave collections start the same way. Travel and adventure to some fantastic destination, usually involving the Pacific Ocean, or at least some kind water.
The soul of Agave is a “Waterman”.”

Well, this is certainly a beautiful inspiration – think clean, pure and adventure. Light weight jeans, a lot of bleached denim and here and there a splash of bright pink. It is a collection that makes me “feel” summer, beach and sunshine.

And Jeff also said:

“The uniform of Agave is denim jeans and a tee shirt. As a kid this was my uniform as well. I once had a great job that required a suit. I quit that job and vowed to only have jobs where I could wear jeans.”

Boy, do I ever identify with this! 😉

You can purchase the summer Agave collection here. These are practically timeless pieces that you will be able to wear for lots of summers to come. Nothing too exaggerated, nothing too “mucho”. Classic, basic, and always fashionable.

AGAVE S/S '14 Women's Lookbook

AGAVE S/S '14 Women's Lookbook

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