CLOSED - The Skinny Pusher

About German brand CLOSED’s newest launch, the Skinny Pusher, here’s what they tell us:

“We love denim. We really do. Especially those skinny jeans. Our new icon, the Skinny Pusher, is a high waisted jeans that looks good on every body. Not to mention, it’s also super comfortable. If you won a pair of skinny jeans, it’s nothing new to you that what comes before or after wearing them is just as fun and playful.

We asked our friends to dress and undress for us, showing off their style, their tricks and their arts of putting them on and taking them off. A pair of skinny jeans. You gotta love it. Once you’re in it.”

This cute video is actually kind of “déjà vu” for probably all of us! Been there done that. And it’s funny to see all our “skinny struggle” here on a video!