Featuring AGAVE - MADE in the USA

This month we are going to introduce you “properly” to the Made in the USA brand, AGAVE. I mean, everybody I talk to already knows about AGAVE. But most of us don’t really grasp what this brand is all about. Denimology is inviting you to join us this month and get to know all you want about this brand. Why should you purchase a pair of Agave jeans? Why is their fit and tailoring so special? …. let’s go on this voyage together!  🙂

According the Jeff Shafer, “Agave exists to design and produce the best tailored, most beautiful and highest quality jeans, authentically sewn and hand finished, exclusively in California.”

Shafer is Agave’s designer, founder and CEO. In an industry where denim brands hire and fire designers as fast as trends come and go, Shafer has designed every one of Agave’s collections since launching the brand in 2002. He loves his job.

According to Jeff, what makes Agave stand out in the marketplace is the incredible quality fabrics he selects for his jeans. Shafer considers himself a fiber and textile driven designer and is a self-described “textile geek”. According to him, “one of my hobbies is cooking. I love to cook and I love great food. I’m a foodie. Great food starts with the highest quality ingredients. You need fresh, local, organic meats, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, etc. No matter how good a chef is, to get the best flavors you must start with the best ingredients.” Shafer takes the same approach to his jean-making as he does to his cooking.

“To make the best jeans in the world, you’ve got to start with the best denim in the world”, according to Shafer. “My passion is for denims that have a lot of yarn character, beautiful shades of indigo blue and a naturally soft hand”, says Jeff. Like a chef who forages for the best ingredients, Shafer travels all over the world for searching for the finest denim. For his men’s collections, that generally means Japanese denim from Kuroki and Kaihara. For his women’s collections, that means Italian denim from Candiani. For his knitwear collections, it’s California grown Supima cotton based fabrics made from Buhler Quality Yarns.

The next step in the quest to make the best jeans is building the shapes. According to Shafer, “no two human bodies are the same, so the challenge is to find shapes that work on a variety of body types and make everyone look great.” One “secret” Jeff is willing to discuss is his use of a contoured two-piece waistband on his women’s jeans. “This feature, while not traditionally used on jeans, allows the jean to lay flat along the small of a women’s back. That way, even if a women has a booty, she doesn’t have to worry about gaping back there.”

Jeff makes Agave jeans and knitwear in Los Angeles despite the higher cost because it allows him to make sure everything comes out perfect. It allows him to be at fit sessions, in sewing factories and at the laundry to make sure the execution is exactly how he intended. According to Shafer, “making jeans in this way, using the highest quality materials, sewing and washing in Los Angeles, and putting my heart and soul into every pair is why Agave has stood the test of time.”

You can buy AGAVE jeans here.

Featuring AGAVE - MADE in the USA
Featuring AGAVE - MADE in the USA
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