Henry & Belle F/W '14 Lookbook

The creation of the Henry & Belle F/W ’14 Lookbook is all about a love story.

“We’re all in this together. The story of Henry & Belle begins with the eponymous couple, whose love of style, philanthropy and each other laid the foundation for the company we are today.

Henry and Belle met in 1931, against the backdrop of Chicago’s thriving garment district. Henry Mann was a young designer; Belle, meanwhile, worked as a fitting model for the elegant, tapered styles of 1930’s couture. Henry and Belle fell in love and married in 1932. From that point forward, she was Henry’s constant muse—the inspiration behind each collection he created. Through innovative, new materials, these designs weaved Henry’s vision with Belle’s insight into fit, movement and feel.

While she loved fashion, Belle eventually made the decision to give up her modeling career and become a volunteer philanthropist—a calling she embraced for the rest of her life. In the end, Belle was Henry’s vision of perfection: a woman who was confident yet caring, chic yet natural. She looked good. She did good. Together, Henry & Belle not only built the successful family company that continues today, but also a legacy of steadfast commitment to philanthropy.”

And here you can check out the result of this awesome husband and wife collaboration, I mean it all sound like a romantic fiction! 🙂

This Fall collection is not yet available in stores, but you can buy the pieces of their current collection here.

Henry & Belle F/W '14 Lookbook Henry & Belle F/W '14 Lookbook

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