Henry & Belle S/S 2014 Lookbook

The Henry & Belle S/S 2014 lookbook is aimed at the classic and self assured ladies among us that value their denim. They are exigent and demanding and know exactly what they want from their pair of jeans. With Henry & Belle they cannot go wrong,

The Belle Effect
An Approach To Fashion. And Life

Style isn’t about how the world sees you; it’s about how you see the world. Just as Belle first inspired Henry so many years ago, we too have a modern muse. She’s the kind of woman who believes that looking out for others is just as important as looking good. She knows how to turn heads—and change minds. When the line between inner and outer beauty is erased: that’s the Belle Effect.

Couture Conscience
Fit & Fabric

Although half a world away, Belle Mann had a great appreciation for the legendary fashion houses of Paris—where made-to-order designs were perfected through multiple fittings. Today, wonderful new fabric technologies allow Henry & Belle jeans to achieve that same masterful feel and fit. Supima® cotton for impossible softness. Lycra™-based weaves for close comfort. Moss denims and true indigo for perfect coloring. Beauty has never been more effortless.

You can purchase Henry & Belle’s summer collection on sale here.

Henry & Belle S/S 2014 Lookbook
Henry & Belle S/S 2014 Lookbook

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