Introducing Mychael Darwin Jeans

Mychael Darwin Jeans Debuts New Premium Denim RTW Women’s Collection for the 99%.

Mychael Darwin Jeans started as a bespoke luxury denim design house for men and women seeking high end custom made premium denim jeans. Mychael Darwin Jeans has now expanded its offerings with the debut of a highly edited women’s premium denim RTW collection, with plans for a men’s RTW line coming very soon. Mychael Darwin Jeans gets its rich denim heritage from American Luxury Designer Mychael Darwin. Mychael Darwin first made a name for himself working alongside the legendary menswear designer Bijan—known as the world’s most expensive designer. After working as a designer with Bijan, Mychael Darwin continued to hone his love and passion for couture and stumbled upon making high-end bespoke denim for jeans enthusiasts, socialites, athletes and celebrities who gladly shelled out $1,200 or more for his distinct custom-made premium denim.

After years of quietly creating custom denim for the wealthy 1%, Mychael Darwin has taken his love for bespoke denim to the masses in a new RTW collection that focuses on exquisite quality, not quantity. Starting first with women’s premium denim, Mychael Darwin Jeans introduces several timeless styles for women that embody elegance with a timeless edge.

Taking a cue from designer Mychael Darwin’s love for perfectly-fitted couture and quality craftsmanship—the new Mychael Darwin Jeans RTW collection shows its bespoke-influenced details in this introductory and highly-edited denim gallery. Mychael Darwin Jeans features its signature “Dry-washed” X© soft premium denim fabric— imported from top denim mills in Italy and Japan. Each pair of jeans features hard-to-find special details such as double and triple stitching with premium threads for unending durability and wear. One will not find Mychael Darwin Jeans easily stretched, ripped or faded. They are built to last—just like a bespoke suit.

The Mychael Darwin Jeans philosophy is that the most worn item in your wardrobe should be the best made item too. Born and raised in the USA, each pair of Mychael Darwin Jeans is handmade at Mychael Darwin Studios in Orange County, California. Our bespoke beginnings have given birth to our new Ready to Wear brand known as Mychael Darwin Jeans.

You can buy Mychael Darwin jeans here for now.

Introducing Mychael Darwin Jeans
Introducing Mychael Darwin Jeans

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