James Jeans Twiggy The Dancer in Arabesque Review - Front View 2

I’ve read a few things lately about people ditching their traditional denim dungarees for more relaxed, comfortable digs thanks to the rise of loungewear or activewear being worn as every day wear thanks to brands like Lululemon, making pieces that look just too cute to soil with sweat at your next fitness class. It’s interesting to see that at this time, many denim brands are getting more innovative, releasing a myriad of denim styles that actually do feel like sweatpants or yoga pants. AG Jeans came out with their 360 Contour jeans, featuring a dancer twirling around wearing them. James Jeans wasn’t too far off, releasing a version of their Twiggy jean, called The Dancer, that came in four washes: Black Swan, Arabesque, Point Blue, and Oil Slicked. They also featured a dancer in their campaign, displaying moves and stretches that wouldn’t ever be possible in traditional jeans. I am proud to say that I have had a chance to add this James Jeans Twiggy The Dancer in Arabesque review to the Denimology archives!

James Jeans is definitely no stranger to the denim world. The brand has been around and loved just as much as its competition: brands like 7 For All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity. I reviewed the Twiggy in Millennium not long ago, and I was excited to review this brand again when I saw the Dancer line come out! When they first came in, I immediately dug the deep, almost black but very rich indigo color, and admired how freakin SOFT they are! These are like a second skin…like yoga pants! As soon as I put them on, I felt like curling up and taking a nap. Anyway, James Jeans has announced themselves that the Twiggy Dancer jean is the “denim crossover to yogawear the world has been waiting for.” Basically, James removed the outer seams to give it a boost in flexibility, with a slimming effect like most people look for in a good pair of jeans. Now here’s the technical part: The base denim uses “REFORM™” which promotes impressive stretch and recovery capabilities (I’m vouching for this), and the oh so soft fabric utilizes ISKO™ PJSOFT™ for the comfort and day-to-night wearability without feeling constricting. I actually sized down to a 25 (I’m a 26) and they looked TINY when they came in, but I have never seen any jean stretch out the way they did while still feeling like a pair of yoga pants. These jeans feature a 12oz fabric content of 50% Modal, 41.5% Cotton, 6% Polyester and 2.5% Spandex, which explains how luxurious they fit and feel! At a front rise of 8.75″ and a back rise of 13″ they fit high enough to wrap around my hips and stay put, and the inseam is at 30″ to give the super skinny legging look without the scrunch effect on the bottom that is usually cute with your traditional skinny jean. I haven’t had to wear a belt with these at all, and have worn them out on several occasions with them snapping back to their original shape each time, never bagging out. I’ve had a few moments where I’d have to pull them up but I don’t care enough to talk badly about it since it felt pretty normal for jeans so buttery soft, and it is a common thing for me to have to do that with my hips tapering off so sharply at my waist and thighs…it’s hard to find jeans that fit my shape so well without needing a belt, and these are a-OK.

James Jeans Twiggy The Dancer in Arabesque Review - Back Angle View

Fall is usually the time we imagine wearing dark leggings or skinny jeans, tucked into boots or under a skirt or tunic. But I wear skinny jeans all year round, and these are soft and lightweight enough that they feel nice in the summer months as well. I don’t think I even have to say how versatile these are; they fit with anything in my closet, and I think James Jeans did a great job with this one. Every style is a different kind of dark, either at a black, indigo, rinse or coated wash to keep them neutral enough to wear with everything. I think that is pretty smart, considering the current state of fashion preferences. I think usually those who put comfort above all else usually like basic, neutral, easy-to-style pieces. Either way, the James Jeans Twiggy Dancer in Arabesque (and all the other washes, I’m sure), was a great idea, and a great investment piece for your closet! I don’t see how anyone could be disappointed. I had a little fun with this photo shoot, since I used to dance…It’s been awhile so I might be a little shaky with my alignment but whatever, who’s to judge?!

The James Twiggy Dancer in Arabesque can be purchased right here.

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