Jordache Fall/Winter '14 Lookbook

The reason for posting this Jordache Fall/Winter ’14 Lookbook is very obvious. Right now I feel that the denim market is swamped with so many overpriced and “under-qualified” jeans, that even I, a devoted denim lover, am loosing account. I can imagine how confusing this must be for someone who is not so professionally into denim.

Every time I look, the price of premium denim has gone up. Not that there is anything wrong with spending a lot of money on some cool jeans. It’s like you can by your LBD off the rack at H&M, for instance. Or, you can also buy a super designer LBD at a fancy retailer for thousands of dollars. The choice is yours (and your wallet’s!).

Therefore, I have been checking out a few reasonably priced jeans, and here you go with Jordache. Their jeans retail for $16.44 and are top on trend. Like check out the grey wash above, or the printed jeans below. Both of them, my fave’s!

You can buy the Jordache jeans exclusively at Walmart.

Jordache Fall/Winter '14 Lookbook

Jordache Fall/Winter '14 Lookbook

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