Level 99 Tanya High Rise Skinny in Crawford Review - Front View

Ok…so, I have to admit, I am really really excited about this review! I have been a fan of Level 99 ever since I caught one of their sales and decided to dive into the printed denim trend with their Janice Ultra Skinny in Moon, after I saw countless photos of celebrities wearing the Liza and Lily jeans in the Crawford wash. I figured there must be something special about this brand, because I kept hearing about them! I instantly fell in love with them once I slid on my first pair, and I’ve been hooked since, for various reasons! Black and grey jeans are closet staples, but there is something about torn black or grey jeans that are very appealing to me…and I think Level 99 does the distressed trend better than most other brands out there. So, I was stoked when I was put in touch with them to do a review, in none other than the popular celebrity favorite wash mentioned above! So without further ado, here’s a Level 99 Tanya High Rise Skinny in Crawford review!

“Level 99 is an enlightened state of mind.  In Chinese folklore Level 99 is nirvana, the closest state to heaven on earth.” Launched in 2004, Level 99 was on a mission like many premium denim brands are during their inception: to create great-fitting, flattering, timeless, classic American jeans. However, the brand also incorporated a special fabric blend using Tencel, which is sustainably manufactured and harvested using waterless and chemical-free washing techniques. Tencel is basically a man-made fiber, constructed with the cellulose in wood pulp…and, it’s EXTREMELY soft! It is also known as lyocell, and it’s a form of rayon. This fiber also helps Level 99 jeans keep their incredible stretch and shape retention as well. One other reason why I love them so much is that their entire denim line is made up of beautiful, classic washes and styles, as well as colored, printed and other novelty looks! This year they even came up with two specialty washes: Forever White, a stain resistant white wash, and Forever Black, which is a black that never fades. Brilliant! I really adore their selection, and after trying them for myself and seeing how they fit and feel, I wish I could collect them all! Even those novelty styles feel so classic to me. I could go on and on about them, but lets get on with this particular review…

Level 99 Tanya High Rise Skinny in Crawford Review - Back Angle View

I already own the Tanya High Rise Skinny in Bonita and the Janice Ultra Skinny in Moon, as mentioned, and all are true to size in my usual 26. The Tanya High Rise Skinny in Crawford was sent to my in my usual 26 as well, and they fit just as I expected them to. No surprises! I love how this brand is so consistent in sizing, fit and feel! There are so many incredible brands out there but Level 99 has all the loose ends tied down and I always know what to expect from them, which is so refreshing. The Crawford wash, as mentioned, is a big celebrity favorite and one of the brand’s best selling washes of all time. It’s an almost black, lightly sanded super dark grey with distressing on both knees. As I already mentioned, I feel Level 99 has the distressed trend down pat. The Tanya in Bonita that I already owned is also a distressed style, and the high-stretch Tencel fabric blend (44% Lyocell, 33% Cotton, 14% Rayon, 7% Polyester, 2% Spandex) allows the distressing to stay as-is, so even the holes right over knees will move with you and won’t dig into you or bust open! Ahh! Win! These jeans don’t only hold their shape (I’ve worn mine so many times and they always snap back without stretching out), but also hold their looks! For those that don’t know me all that well, I have a more curvy, athletic body type which requires me to be a little picky with denim, but Level 99 always fits me perfectly, and never ever needs to be hiked back up throughout the day. The Tanya has a high 10” rise to hold you in, and it hits about an inch below my belly button without gapping. They are 11” in the knee and a narrow 10” at the leg opening for a super skinny, streamlined fit…these were actually modeled after the Janice Ultra Skinny! Level 99 jeans have a distinguishable back pocket logo, but it is modest and simple enough to not take away from the rest of your outfit.

As you probably can tell, I really have nothing bad to say about this brand. I am a devout fan, and I keep coming back to their website for more. They always have awesome sales too, which definitely doesn’t help my obsession! Since the Tanya High Rise Skinny in Crawford is a neutral wash, it can definitely go with anything, and the distressing will give any outfit a nice amount of edge. Try pairing these with a loose girly blouse or go all-out and continue the edginess with a black leather jacket and tall black boots. Whatever you choose, Level 99 is a highly innovative brand that makes this whole denim thing seem effortless. They will win your loyalty with their consistency in sizing and fits, seduce your skin with their super-soft Tencel fabric blends, and tantalize your fashion taste buds with a wide range of classic and novelty pieces that will keep you coming back for more, and more….and more.

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