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Paige Normandie Jeans Review

Paige Normandie Jeans Review

Paige Normandie jeans

I understand that there are times when you want to leave the dark heavy jeans in the closet and try something new to freshen things up. Paige has long been a brand to watch when it comes to offering more than just denim for guys so I wanted to take a look at the Paige Normandie jeans in Obscure and Cruiser.

Technically, I wouldn’t classify these as “denim” in the traditional sense, but they are made from a lightweight Japanese Twill fabric that is treated to create a very soft hand. The fabric, at 7.3 ounces, is the perfect weight for the spring, summer or even early autumn months. The Paige Normandie jeans are described as a “modern, slim-fitting straight leg” fit that appears to be the most popular style for Paige’s male followers. The jeans are also advertised as having about 3% Elastine which comes in handy – I will explain how a little later. To start off, I will say that I typically gravitate toward the skinny or slimmer styles for jeans regardless of the fabric. So when I first saw the Paige Normandie jeans, I was a little cautious on how the straight leg would work on me, especially with such a lightweight fabric. Since I have thinner legs, I tend to gravitate toward the skinnier styles so I won’t get lost inside the wider pant legs.

With all that said, I can admit that I was really impressed with the Paige Normandie jeans. I went with my normal waist size, 32, and believe that I could have easily went down a size for a slightly slimmer fit. One reason I can make that statement is because the jeans are really stretchy. I see a lot of stretch fabrics in men’s jeans that tend to staying around 2%, but the extra 1% you will find in the Normandie fit make a huge difference. The extra stretch not only kept the fit comfortable as I moved around throughout the day but also prevented the legs from riding up when I got in and out of a car or any seat. The rise sits somewhere in between low and mid which looks great paired with a tank top or even no shirt at all. My initial hesitation around the straight leg was quickly alleviated because the Paige Normandie jeans fit slimmer below the knee than normal straight leg jeans. As a result, I was able to roll up the bottoms and do the whole “no sock look” which is perfect for the warmer months. Now for the cherry on top, the Japanese Twill fabric used to make these jeans feels extremely soft to the touch. Everything just seems to work with these jeans to give you a really comfortable experience…..which is really what we are all looking for when the weather gets warmer. We don’t want to worry about peeling off a heavier pair of pants or worry about things get a bit swampy (if you know what I mean) after a day in the sun. These jeans did take a little trip to the tailor to have about an inch or so chopped off the inseam. The standard fixed inseam is 34” which was much too long on me, I normally wear a 32”. Even though the the fit below the knee was slimmer than a standard straight leg, it still wasn’t slim enough to look good stacked up at the bottom.

After a one or two wears, I did have to give the Cruiser pair (the blue hue) a normal wash but I didn’t really feel any changes in the overall fit, which was a great surprise. However, I did notice that the Obscure wash fit a bit looser everywhere despite being the same style. Maybe it is just the lighter color fabric that lends to the illusion of being wider but I could tell a difference. If you go a size smaller it will most likely not be as noticeable. I also feel the Cruiser wash can work better during the different season than the lighter Obscure wash.

Bottom line: The Paige Normandie jeans are a great alternative to the standard 12-14 ounces denim options. The lighter colors and weight will fit perfectly into your rotation for the warmer months, especially when vacationing on the beach. The 7.3 ounce fabric combined with the higher stretch content will keep you cool and comfortable the entire day. Roll up the bottoms and pair with sandals, loafers or a nice worn pair of low tops for a fresh laid back vibe. I would recommend going on size smaller to keep them looking slim and stylish. Pick up a pair for yourself here.

The Paige Normandie is definitely a pair of jeans that will make you want to #liveinit.

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Paige Normandie jeans


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