RE/DUN - Reconstructed Vintage Levi's

I have been a fan of reconstructed vintage jeans since forever. There is hardly a week when I don’t pass by a vintage store in the East Village of NYC, or an Urban Outfitter to check out their Vintage Renewal denim. So it’s only natural that I am all curious and delighted with this new brand that offers us recycled and reconstructed jeans.

RE/DUN is a new denim brand, recently launched at, from fashion and denim industry veterans Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur (Mr. Alessandra Ambrosio, our declared denim diva!).


R E P U R P O S E, R E C O N S T R U C T, R E F I T

RE/DUN is an innovative approach to simplify the process of hunting for that amazing pair of worn-in vintage Levi’s jeans and tailoring them to today’s modern fits. Levi’s has been making jeans since 1872 and the 501 since the 1950’s. Every year, more and more used jeans are put into “rag houses,” therefore offering an unlimited supply of jeans ranging from the 1950’s to 1990’s.

Purchasing men’s Levi’s jeans typically from these “rag houses” from all over America, RE/DUN takes these jeans apart and reconstructs them into two Fits – Relaxed Straight and Straight Skinny – all tailored in Los Angeles. Each pair of denim varies in deconstruction and cast to highlight and balance the jean’s original elements, honoring the charm of natural wear.

Every woman is unique. She should be able to shop easily for a pair of jeans that reflects her individuality and gives her a feeling of exclusivity. Women have a love and attachment for the perfect vintage Levi’s and RE/DUN has been created to foster this storytelling and to support sustainability, while representing leadership through these women. This uniqueness and self-expression equates to beauty and confidence. RE/DUN is here to help women easily find jeans they love and save them the hassle of scouring flea markets and the costly hunt for the perfect tailor.

RE/DUN launched both online and at key targeted retailers this July. Both styles of jeans – Relaxed Straight and Straight Skinny – will retail between $200 to $300.

RE/DUN - Reconstructed Vintage Levi's